1. My application to the ECHR has been said to not have arrived. But on investigations and a telephone conversation it did, but was filtered out by Michelle Lafferty being the Lawyer reviewing the Privacy Law as in the New Zealand Human Rights Law website her LinkedIn profile states:-

    Registry lawyer
    European Court of Human Rights
    September 2008 – Present (6 years 7 months)Strasbourg, France
    Responsible for managing the filtering of incoming cases against the UK and processing well-founded applications through the written/oral proceedings to judgment.

    Assistant Legal Adviser
    House of Lords
    October 2005 – August 2008 (2 years 11 months)London, United Kingdom
    Provided legal advice to the EU Committee and sub-committees on all aspects of EU law and relevant domestic law.

    I have it on letters (there's one on my website) that I eventually receive that she is a Legal Secretary:-


    How can she be a Registry Lawyer:-

    The Law Society of Scotland
    Solicitor (non-practising)
    September 2003 – Present

    Legal Secretary:-


    Youtube: [link]
    (Martin Glasgow, 26 March 2015 18:38)

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