1. UltraBulgar

    I am not an expert in the Balkans’ history and if you read my posts better you will find out that most of my claims are concerned of how the Bulgarians permanently betrayed the Russians. As a Russian I care about it. Instead you tell stories of the Russian imperialism. Even if so it was the only Slav imperialism and it was different from the classic one. Under Russia small nations had the same rights as the Russians. And it was Russian imperialism that shed blood for it’s brothers in blood and belief. In 1812 we missed 2 out of 4 our armies. One had to stay in Serbia and Bulgaria against the Turks and the other had just finished 12 year war to defend Georgians from Iran.

    So Russian protectorate was the best shelter for the Orthodox people to survive. At that time Bulgarians believed is if they were Slavs so they were in danger. Also Tsargrad you should know that for centuries it had belonged to us and so every Tsar dreamed to bring it back. Same as you dream of FYORM and Romania’s dreams of Moldova. The problem is that none of them is going back to their “motherlands”.

    Slavs are divided to be ruled by the west. Guess you know that words English “slave” and “Slav” have the same basis. It’s not a joke or an accident but the bitter truth. They have falsified the history before 1600 to expose Slavs as barbarians and tell us fairy tales of the Roman , Greek , Chinese , Indian , Jewish and Egyptian civilizations that had never existed.
    (rote, 29 January 2014 10:14)

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  2. Explained how Russia changed cards betting on Serbs, dropping Bulgaria, abandoning us to the whims of the west, turks, and balkan neighbors. After Russo-Turkish war West showed it would side with the Turks if Russia wanted to reach Tsarigrad & Mediterranean Sea through us. It would be like Crimean War but worse for Russia, and even worse for Bulgaria. This is when Russian imperialism ignored Russian peoples feelings for Bulgaria and became strictly real politic, thus ignoring our neighbors wars of conquest against Bulgarian lands that Russian soldiers fought to liberate FOR BULGARIA. That's why KREMLIN looked the other way when Serbs encroached in Macedonia. While Serbs today are ashamed for the Serbo-Bulgarian war 1885, lets remember that Russia backed the Serbs even through their betrayal. All our conflicts with Serbia was on Bulgarian territory, stolen by Serbs. "Macedonian" language is termed south-EAST slavic group, same as Bulgarian, while Serbian is south-WEST together with slovenian, croatian. Macedonia argues with Bulgaria over same history, what name should be put in front of those historic events.

    Ignorant to blame Bg for "German" Tsars, when it was Ru that SELECTED them in the first place. Btw they became ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS and fought the Turks when the Germans supported the Turks. Btw Catherine the Great was GERMAN.

    90's, forgotten this part? [link]

    Ur megalomania is tool for the west to divide us, control Balkans.
    (UltraBulgar OverLord, 28 January 2014 22:25)

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  3. @ bulgars

    hahaha serbia is the back stabber? Right that's why your government recognized Kosmet. Oh ya and back at the ICJ who was on america's side to back Kosovo? Oh ya it was bulgaria. What a disgrace. bulgaria always back stabbs serbia every chance they get.
    (Ratko, 28 January 2014 15:45)

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    “this bit of nonsense would be either hilarious or offensive to many Bulgarians”

    Yet it is true. More than that they used to live much better and they do know it.
    (rote, 28 January 2014 10:50)

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  5. During the USSR the Bulgarians lived better from moral and material points of view

    I'm sure this bit of nonsense would be either hilarious or offensive to many Bulgarians.
    (Danilo, 28 January 2014 08:59)

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  6. ATAMAN : “Bulgarians in Bulgaria and Macedonia are among the most Russian-friendly people I ever seen, so are Serbs.”

    I am not sure about the Bulgarians. It was long ago after WW2 and lasted some 50 years. Before and after that one way or another directly or indirectly they always stick our rivals with not a single exclusion. As you know Serbs has never betrayed us even when pressed to do so in 1914 in 1941 in 1999. Meanwhile the Bulgarians always stood closer to Germany. Before a football match for the ticket to the Cup Final Stoichkov in an interview to a Russian TV channel cynically said : “Russians once liberated us from the Turks and now we are going to set them free from the Cup Final.” Since then I stopped to love them and stopped to close my eyes at their treasons. Yes half the people still feel sympathy for us but they always vote for the Russophobes. Now they are going to home US missiles and they insist on their Turkish blood plus they’ve put the most severe terms to Gasprom ect. As a result they live in poverty with no prospects for better life. They have destroyed their industry and half the agro sector as EU does not need none of them. They pay more money to EU than they receive back. They said farewell to their independence and live like a colony. So what else they can do but bark at all the neighbors ? I can swear in Bulgarian but this time I feel a great pity for them and compassion.
    (rote, 27 January 2014 12:29)

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  7. Some misconceptions (rote) and a great deal of ignorance (two Bulgarians) here.

    Let me clarify.

    1) Bulgarians in Bulgaria and Macedonia are among the most Russian-friendly people I ever seen, so are Serbs.

    2) Bulgarians had the misfortune to have a German royal dynasty after being LIBERATED BY RUSSIANS. Yes, LIBERATED. See "Шипка" if that word counts. Or see the Osman Pasha of Pleven.

    3) The German royal dynasty of Sachse-Coburg was/is... guess... among the most German-friendly ROYAL DYNASTY ever ruled Bulgaria. Guess, why?

    4) The recent Bulgarian history has more to do with the Sachse-Coburg than with Russia. Just read the family names of some leading "Bulgarian" politicians.

    Hence saying that "Sachse-Coburg dynasty back-stabbed Russia many times" is not correct because... that is just the nature of the beast and Bulgarians have pretty much nothing with that dynasty... except that they became the tsars and major influencers. Heck, would be I elected as the Tsar of Greater Albania... than Albania would become the biggest friend of Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia, won't be big at all and would cede most of it territory to the neighbors like Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece... and Durres would become a Russian naval base.
    (Ataman, 27 January 2014 09:58)

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  8. >>> As for Russia liberating us.. thats the first i've heard of that
    >>> (Bulgar of Ohrid, 25 January 2014 11:36)

    I do not comment here lately - but THIS one is hard to pass-by without a comment. :-O
    There are only three characters to say: "W", "T" and "F".
    (Ataman, 27 January 2014 07:58)

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  9. UltraBulgar

    Unfortunately I don’t feel an expert of that part of the Balkans history because I’m a Russian. But I hate to see how Slavs are divided and teased against one another. So when Bulgar of Ohrid made a radical comments against Serbs I had to remind him something. Also I dislike his comments about the recent past. During the USSR the Bulgarians lived better from moral and material points of view. Here in Russia we still call paprika as БОЛГАРСКИЙ ПЕРЕЦ we still call angle grinder as БОЛГАСКАЯ ПИЛА or БОЛГАРКА . See how you destroyed your industry and agriculture. What has happened to the electric trolley cars Bulgaria used to export ? What about your energy balance after you closed the atomic station ect.?

    As for the history I do not trust it can be objective as it is always written by the winners. Even today in the west they expose Ukrainian protests as peaceful ones while here in Russia we can see quite other picture. [link] Yesterday they shot down two policemen. So when we talk about sensitive things that happened in the 19-th century we should be very careful. Serbs will remind you 20-th century. But we know too little to judge someone. I personally do not trust the history before 1700 as it was totally rewritten and falsified. I don’t trust most of the fairy tales about the ancient Greece about Roman Empire about Jerusalem about the pyramids ect.
    (rote, 26 January 2014 01:38)

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  10. Bulgar of Ohrid : “As for Russia liberating us.. thats the first i've heard of that”

    АСТИГАБЕ , ПИЧ ! It’s a best joke I’ve heard this year ! One of my mother-line ancestors stayed in Plevna through that terrible winter. He was awarded all 4 Soldier St.George Crosses. I have Bulgarian friends and none of them said such a stupid thing. what about the monuments to Alexander-1 to general Skobelev ? What about the church in the center of Sofia ? Since 17-th century Russia fought the Turks 10 severe wars until Ottomans were finally destroyed and disintegrated. And now you tell me fairy tales that you set yourself free. Even UltraBulgar OverLord here does not mind that thanks to us the Russians you can freely buy Turkish tomatoes !

    Yes some Chavdar groups stood by our side but it was not decisive. Yet those were the only Bulgarian brothers in arms to fight on our side last 200 years. But since we’ve set you free Bulgaria has never missed a chance to join our enemies. Shame on you all ! Even now you are a NATO member though you have zero military threats. The fact that Tsar Boris sent no troops against Russia and used them as Wehrmacht polizei forces on the Balkans was very bad for the us as the Germans were able to send to the Eastern front another 300 000 troops that were the best in the world. Then Bulgaians us tell stories as if they never fought Russia and that on Sept.9 they set themselves free. What about Alesha's Monument ? By the way he has died last Decembre.
    (rote kapelle, 26 January 2014 00:48)

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  11. Rote... wrong wrong wrong...

    The Bulgarians only fought for what was theirs, for where Bulgarians lived in Vardar and agean Macedonia.. Why were the serbs fighting along the greek side? for expansion into non serb lands and colonisation, just ask my grandfather about the days when todays FYROm was called southern serbia..

    We fought to gain what was ours just like the serbs did in Bosnia..

    You might want to google goce delcev, Dame Gruev, Vlado Chernozemski, and mara Buneva.... and see how the people thought of serbs in macedonia, not by your titoist education system...

    Just look at Fyrom today.. it is the result of serb occupation and communism...

    And as for america, why beloved? i couldnt care less about america.. i have no relation hence please dont assume..

    As for Russia liberating us.. thats the first i've heard of that
    (Bulgar of Ohrid, 25 January 2014 11:36)

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  12. Rote, stop the bs. Do I need to remind you of Serbia stabbed us in the back thereby destroying our brotherhood? Does the Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885 ring a bell? [link] Also, Russia was against (!) the re-unification of our lands, same lands that only a few years ago they shed blood for. Simply to please their English "friends", the same "friends" that carved up Bulgaria into small pieces. Bulgaria stood up for itself and moved all its forces east to the Turkish border to defend our unity. The Serbian king declared he would support Bulgaria against the Turks. Serbian army moves into Bulgaria from the west and once across the border the king shows his true colors and declares war on Bulgaria, attacks and starts killing Bulgarians, the people Serbs used to call brothers, the Bulgarians that fought alongside the Serbs for Serbia's independence against the Turks. THIS is how you repay us!?

    The reasoning, Austria-Hungary moves into Bosnia and they speak to the Serbian king "you don't want to fight against us, we are strong, now go bother the Bulgarians, they are a softer target, go ahead and stab them in the back when their, uh, backs are turned away looking the other way towards the Turks." From that moment on, Serbs have been the pet of empires drive to 'Balkanize', uh, Balkans. What in God's name were you doing in Macedonia, lands that are Bulgarian? You of your own free wills, trampled on our toes and you cry that we told u to gtfo!
    (UltraBulgar OverLord, 25 January 2014 03:26)

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  13. Bulgar of Ohrid

    “it is nothing in comparison compared what serbia did to Bulgaria … let the past go, lets be friends.”

    It’s a cynic behavior coz you first blame the whole people and then offer to stop the discussion and make friends. Also you write Serbia as “serbia” and believe that here we stop. Relations between the two people really have heavy memory so you should not behave this way. Why don’t you ask your beloved US about destroying Sofia in 1945 ?

    PS How came that after Russia set you free from the Turks you always joined our rivals or this past you also prefer not to be disturb ? Plus tell me how bad the life used to be when you declared yourself our best friends and how good the Turkish tomatoes taste today.
    (rote, 24 January 2014 17:58)

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  14. calm down Jeff, i didnt support the bombing but it is nothing in comparison compared what serbia did to bulgaria in terms of life and lands lost...

    let the past go, lets be friends.
    (Bulgar of Ohrid, 24 January 2014 14:26)

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  15. Bulgarian politicians and media are constantly giving Serbia a hard time. Now they're upset about Serbia and Macedonia. They complain about our secret services, when it was they who fed the Germans a false/exaggerated report for the pretext of the bombing of Serbia. Not a friend IMHO.
    (Jeff, 24 January 2014 12:30)

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