1. What I can see in this site ocistimosrbiju.rs is not worth 25,000 Euros. Not even close. Half the site is under construction and the rest is extremely simple.

    Fortunately in Serbia there are good and effective companies that do excellent work for a reasonable price all over
    the world. Implementek.com is one of them, and we would NEVER charge prices like this!

    With regards to government tenders, we won a site for the treasury in an open competition and were pleasantly surprised that the process was open and fair. This has not been the case in other tenders we have applied for, but it did give us hope that things are becoming more transparent and based on merit.
    (Mary E Black, 1 February 2011 19:02)
  2. Welcome to Serbia!
    (Gino, 1 February 2011 00:50)
  3. This is classic government cronyism. It is standard MO in every government administration around the world. DC is full of this, and full of it, by the way. Anyway, it is just more glaring and distasteful, when in happens in poorer countries like Serbia. Unfortunately, probably within legal bounds. But 25,000 euros for a website, WOW! I have a program on my Mac I bet can do the job just as well.
    (IUPM, 31 January 2011 21:39)