1. thousand of albanians lived during more than 5 years under UnCHR shelters....some are still living in those conditions,their houses having been destroyed and burned by serbian forces.
    i did not read at that time any concern in B92
    (lili, 10 May 2009 20:16)
  2. "Kosova Serbs were manipulated by Belgrade politics since eighties."
    Josip - nobody manipulated us. Maybe only by K-Albanians, who created mythic "Kosovar nation".
    (Milan, 10 May 2009 12:03)
  3. Kosova Serbs were manipulated by Belgrade politics since eighties. Back in time when each new Serbian police academy recruits have been trained by beating the Kosova Albanians, nobody cared. Now the same politicians from Belgrade using Kosova Serbians for they interests. Nobody want to be blamed by history for loosing Kosova, but it is lost long time ago. It is to late, the harm is done. Maybe someday there will be someone honest enough in Serbian government to finally admit the truth.
    (Josip, 10 May 2009 10:06)
  4. I just have to make the comment again -- so this is the paradise on earth for the world's supposedly most privileged minority! For the umpteenth time, the big lie is exposed yet again!

    K-Serbs are not only deprived of electricity, in fact, as this report now reveals, they don't even have anywhere near decent housing! Pristina certainly has a weird definition of paradise!
    (lowe, 10 May 2009 07:15)
  5. This is a tragedy and the hipocracy and the moral corruption of Eulex, EU, Kfor and the gangster running Kosmet.
    (AA, 10 May 2009 06:20)
  6. Sad. No one cares about these people. You can judge this by the number of comments you ave regarding this news item.
    (Gino, 10 May 2009 00:36)