Financial crisis and six pillars of Russian strength

Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has been re-establishing much of its lost Soviet-era strength. This has given rise to the possibility — and even the probability — that Russia again will become a potent adversary of the Western world.

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  1. A very good and informative article!
    (C.Krissilas, 22 March 2009 19:00)
  2. @ jan anderson

    over 2 million people per year immigrate into russia ...

    from all parts of the world, not just central asia anymore.

    but it´s ok, cause i would have been surprised if you just for one time would have any idea of anything.

    so keep the succsess-story alive, you ask and educated people will help you.
    (raso, 20 March 2009 13:09)
  3. Looks like this guy had crossed Russia on a train and made some notes some of them even correct. So what's this long talk about ? What's the news ? 9 out of 10 Russians will tell you that KGB or FSB is a vital organization to be further strengthened. Why nobody is surprised that the Yanks have their CIA or FBI ? What FSB is doing different from the two mentioned ?

    Who told them that Russian foreign currency reserves are USD 400 BLN ? They still exceed USD 600 Bln and even increased recently.

    Who said that in 2007 foreign investments to Russia were USD only 28 Bln ? Those were USD 82 Bln !

    Who said that weak Rouble is bad ? Do you know that many domestic productions are now revived and imports has fallen down for 40% !!!

    We needed this crisis and we have it ! Russia has to get rid of many new traditions and realities obtained last few years. It's a good chance to clean our business out. I am a business man and my company is only winning now. We make drinks and we are now buying a new German filling & packing line.

    Despite the real problems we meet now I am more optimistic about our prospects than I used to be last few years. The reason is that our salaries went down to the reality. We Russians cannot afford earning one Rouble and eating two. Only Americans know how to do this trick for decades !

    Good luck for everybody and don't worry for Russia. Strong Russia is good for everybody. We know the price for peace like no one else !
    (Hand Of Moscow, 17 March 2009 23:24)
  4. "that Russia again will become a potent adversary of the Western world."

    This is what puzzles me from these Russian way of thinking. Why do they want to be "adversaries" to the West? Wasn't it time for co operation between Europeans? Why does Russia want conflict?!
    (Arlinda, 17 March 2009 04:40)
  5. Sreten: The only answer will be to open Russia to massive foreign immigration.

    You are absolutely right? Western Europe is facing a similar problem. The question is: Where would this emigration come from? And how is it going to affect the host country? Max Frisch once wrote: “We decided to import a working hand. Instead we got people”. In Europe the main immigration source is the Islamic world. This leads to ever deepening cultural divisions. In Russia, in Siberia in particular most migrants come from China! This may have deep consequences. After all China is only across the river away while European Russia where the main Russian population lives lies several time zones away!
    In its ability to integrate the immigrants America is again the leader! Although Russia was never as racist as America ( Pushkin’s grandfather was an African, just as Obama’s father) and have tradition of attracting foreign adventurists, it is not likely to become an attractive emigration destination. Its climate (both weather and social atmosphere) is quite harsh, its language – difficult to learn, its manners – quite outlandish, to say the least!

    Luckily for Russia and Europe, I believe at the and of this crisis a new technological revolution, coming from America will spread over the globe. As a result of it the Know-how would once again be more valuable than the natural resources and not many people would be needed to man a prosperous economy. Few active young people could support a growing aged population!
    (nik, 14 March 2009 09:06)
  6. On 13 March 2009 14:46, Sreten wrote:

    "The only answer will be to open Russia to massive foreign immigration."

    Eh - what??? Then you would have to find people willing to immigrate there. Talk about mission impossible.
    (Jan Andersen, DK, 13 March 2009 23:24)
  7. Nik is right that we can't count Americans out. Not at all! After all there is very hard working population in the US. Productivity is at one of the highest levels in the world. That translates into added value. US will still be a major global player, no doubt about it.
    As for Russians, they know they will be fine. Fact remains, that, in the long run resources are being depleted. And they have them. Cheap gas!? Don'g get used to it.
    As for projecting their power abroad, - they are mostly interested in "near abroad". Removing what they see as theats on their borders. They are not really interested in becoming a global power again, and they know that they have most, if not all resources that are so badly needed today.
    Population of only 140 millions controls 1/5 of the earth's landmass. Their biggest problem is how to maintaing that control. Especially faced with declining ethnic Russian population (some of the lowest birthrates in the world), and explosion of some other ethnic groups in Russia (especially few islamic ethnic groups).
    The only answer will be to open Russia to massive foreign immigration.
    If they do that succesfully, they will be just fine.
    (Sreten, 13 March 2009 14:46)
  8. It is quite possible Russia to suffer horrendous losses in the economic crisis and to emerge a winner because its rivals albeit suffering more limited losses happen to be much less capable to withstand any suffering at all! The Russians certainly have grater stamina than the Americans!
    It is certain that at the end of the economic crisis we shall have a very different world than the one we had before it unfolded. Those changes may be greater than the once we witnessed in 1989. Yet we must not count the Anglo-Saxons as yet. The often enter the whirlpool unprepared, but usually know how to win the last battle!
    (nik, 10 March 2009 14:05)
  9. reading that nonsense one could think it´s a million of russians demonstrating in moscow cause they sunk into poverty, and not in london or paris as seen in the last weeks ....

    who is responsible for the currency downfall? westerners who HAD to sell at any price to repay their debts, panicing russian small- and mid-size companies and private russians thinking about 1998 and cashing in their savings in foreign currency.

    so scenario 2 wouldn´t hurt anybody, except intelligence (selling rubles to buy worthless euros and dollars).

    far more important: in wich other economy of this world (not just the wstern card-house-economies) nearly all inhabitants run to their banks and take all of their money, and the economies survive, the banks too and the national bank still has 400 billion dollars or 600 billion euros in reserve ???

    correctly, in no other country of the world!

    when the usa - with all their cool rivers - get´s that bad, then we can talk about an economic weak russia again ....
    (raso, 9 March 2009 13:32)
  10. comment on a side that choses what to publish? so as to project its own agenda as that of its readers? "demogracy" iraq style yea right
    (Takis, 8 March 2009 16:44)
  11. America's economy is a massive house of cards. The american people have no faith in each other nor have willingness to sacrifice for the state anymore. That's america's pillar.
    (JohnBoy, 8 March 2009 15:22)