1. to Peter Sudyka, 1 April

    Wrong info !

    In 2006 Russia has overcom Italy . Last year Russia has removed France from the position in you list. And Putin tells it to every Western leader to come here that by by 2015 Russia is going to remove Germany to be the first on the continent. This man keeps his word ...

    Thus I am afraid you are a prisoner of your own imagination. Privately to your e-mail I will show you how figures are manipulated.
    Russians joke sometimes that in WW2 there was only one winner. And it was neither Germany nor Russia but it was HOLLYWOOD ...

    Check the e-mail !
    (ORTHODOX.RU, 1 April 2008 16:38)

    Here is a list of the top 25 economies of the world in terms of GDP, according to the IMF, as well as their GDP (in millions of USD):

    1 United States 13,194,700
    2 Japan 4,366,459
    3 Germany 2,915,867
    4 China 2,644,6422
    5 United Kingdom 2,398,946
    6 France 2,252,213
    7 Italy 1,852,585
    8 Canada 1,275,273
    9 Spain 1,225,750
    10 Brazil 1,067,706
    11 Russia 984,925
    12 South Korea 888,267
    13 India 873,659
    14 Mexico 840,012
    15 Australia 755,6591
    16 The Netherlands 670,929
    17 Turkey 401,763
    18 Belgium 394,5071
    19 Switzerland 387,987
    20 Sweden 384,3881
    21 Taiwan 364,563
    22 Indonesia 364,239
    23 Saudi Arabia 349,1381
    24 Poland 340,9691
    25 Norway 335,856

    Of these 25, 17 have recognized Kosovo's independence. Like I said, I do not agree with the recognition of Kosovo's UDI, however it has happened and there's nothing anyone can do to reverse the process. Of course, Russia, Brazil, China and India are also powerful countries and can stop them from entering major organizations, but the fact is that most of the 25 most powerful countries in the world have recognized Kosovo (the USA alone is worth about 30% of the world's GDP).

    My email is wilkolak14@hotmail.com. I don't know what it is you want to tell me or what it has to do with Serbs, but anyway...
    (Peter Sudyka, 1 April 2008 08:05)
  3. “…Serbia broke of ties … unacceptable for the people of Serbia. This ridiculous idea of "national interests"… should work in favor of the people … what the term "national interests" means … ”

    Peter, first and foremost national interest is defending territorial integrity of the country. What can be more important? If we can’t keep our land, no other national interests can be achieved. They became meaningless without land to live on.

    As for the relations with a countries that stubbed us in the back, I think we should make a difference between countries that just took a ride with US but don’t have anything against us, for example Japan, from those who really have an axe to grind with us (Germany, Austria, US…). We could trade with a first group but for the second group we need to go further than just recalling ambassadors.
    (Stevan, 1 April 2008 05:31)
  4. Peter Sudyka, 31 March

    Peter ! Is it your pesonal manner to manipulate the figures or it's nation wide ?

    If 40 states compose 70 % of the world how many states do we have total?

    Why don't you mention Russia among the big economies ?

    Why don't you take the increasing role of military power with Russia being able to wipe off the surface all NATO members at a time ?

    Why do you think Serbs will listen what to do to the US agent -001 in Europe ?

    Do you think that Polish logic to fall asleep and wake up with a calculator is the same with the people who always cared of their freedom ?

    Even I do sustain from giving them adwices. Everybody knows that final aim of the Poles is not Serbia but it's biggest ally. If you are looking for the silly people you enterd the wrong site.
    Give me a link not to attract attention. If the Serbs know what I am going to tell you will have to leave B-92 ...
    (ORTHODOX.RU, 1 April 2008 00:45)
  5. Peter Sudyka

    Hi Peter !

    Give me a link where I can answer you comments of your role in the WW2. If only you dare to know the truth ...
    (ORTHODOX.RU, 1 April 2008 00:21)
  6. Serbia has a free trade deal with Russia and does the most importing (energy) from them. With the Russian economy growing, as well as China, India , South American countries, African, Greece, etc. they don't need to be in the EU. It is the EU which is interested in getting Serbia to jump through hoops and buying out Serbia's industries and natural resources for pennies to the dollar.

    EU bureaucracy will only get worse and more infringing.
    (ida, 31 March 2008 21:16)
  7. Peter,

    I do recommend you for your realistic comment!

    I really wish and hope that the democratic forces in Serbia win over those who like thinking centuries back. That for the sake of purely ordinary ordinary Serbs who deserve to be part of Europe.
    (EA, 31 March 2008 19:33)
  8. … I'm not sure where you get this sense of self-importance…."

    Merit, they want to destroy as. That makes them our enemies. They are much bigger and stronger then we are, but we will still defend our selves, as we always did through the history, even against all odds. It is not some kind of arrogant feeling of self-importance. It is right thing to do.

    As for diplomatic ties, considering their intentions we wouldn't use anything if we severe it. They will lose more as it would make a little bit more awkward for them to work against us.

    On the second thought I think that Serb Radical Party would loose it's most effective campaigners, US and German ambassadors and others as mr. Holbrook. Each time one of them opens his mouth, comes a new surge of Radical Party voters.

    As for diplomatic ties, considering their intentions we wouldn't use anything if we severe it. They will lose more as it would make a little bit more awkward for them to work against us.
    (Stevan, 31 March 2008 19:10)
  9. Wow! According to Ronald the infallible it looks extremely bad for Kosova. Bush should have consulted him before his latest declaration. So according to our wise man there is maybe one solution left for Kosova: join China.
    (Joe, 31 March 2008 18:18)
  10. "If they want diplomatic relations with Serbia, then they need to change their policy, period...."


    Have you asked yourself who has more to lose by severing the diplomatic ties?

    Do you honestly believe that Serbia (or any other W. Balkans countries) is such a "first-rate" state that the U.S. or Germany would care much if Serbia chose to get petty and go into isolation?

    I got news for you... they'd forget Serbia existed soon enough.

    I'm not sure where you get this sense of self-importance.
    (Ment, 31 March 2008 18:18)
  11. The so-called "Balkan Fund for Democracy" is a multi-million dollar NGO and works in the interests of nobody by the US and NATO. Who cares what anybody affiliated with this group says or thinks?
    (Brian Chorley, 31 March 2008 17:52)
  12. Mr Vejvoda, you have managed the performance of saying nothing... All of this has been said before... to no avail.

    It's not too difficult to understand: Serbia has presented a diplomatic reaction to a hostile decision from other states. That simple.

    You saying you're running a fund?
    (Felix, Romania, 31 March 2008 17:40)
  13. The questions: How many deputies in the Kosovo Assembly are there representing Kosovo's ethnic minorities, and how many of those deputies voted for Kosovo's declaration of independence?

    Answers can be found on the website of the Assembly

    and the Wikipedia entry on the Assembly of Kosovo

    There are a total of 120 seats in the Kosovo Assembly. Following the 17 Nov. 2007 Kosovo elections, 24 of the Assembly seats are currently held by members of ethnic minorities: 10 Kosovo Serbs, 5 Bosniaks, 5 Roma/Ashkali/Egyptian, 3 Turks, 1 Goran.

    All 109 deputies present in the extraordinary session of the Assmbly of Kosovo on 17 Feb. 2008 voted in favor of the Declaration of Independence. Of the 24 minority deputies, 11 chose not to participate in the vote. Those who stayed away that day included the 10 Serb deputies and one other (I believe it was the Goran deputy). All other members of the Assembly, including the 13 minority deputies who chose to take part in the session, voted in favor of Kosovo's declaration of independence.
    (Jovan R., 31 March 2008 17:38)
  14. @(ben, 31 March 2008 15:30)

    No it won't, even if serbia would recognize Kosovo so that russia wouldn't veto it, then China would veto it, China will never recognize Kosovo due to the Taiwan & Tibet issue's.

    Learn to live with the fact that Kosovo will never join the UN.

    Neither will it ever be able to compete in the olympics, FIFA world cup, join the IMF, and unless all EU members recognize it, it will not even be able to start talks about meberschip with the EU.

    Kosovo was already an failed state even before the false UDI.
    (Ronald, 31 March 2008 17:23)
  15. 'The director of the Balkan Fund for Democracy....'
    That should tell you all you need to know. Who is paying this guy's salary? Hmmmm...Gee I wonder? The Yanks and Germans I bet. He is just reading off the sheet they gave him.
    It is not Serbia who broke international law here, it is the Americans and their minions, with their illegal recognition of a fake and immoral state. If they want diplomatic relations with Serbia, then they need to change their policy, period.
    (Dragan, 31 March 2008 16:11)
  16. "… to cut the branch it is sitting on … "

    If it is not comfortable to sit on, find another one. There are many branches on the tree.

    Mr, Vejvoda, you are suffering of tunnel vision.
    (Stevan, 31 March 2008 16:02)
  17. It is understandable as to why Serbia broke of ties with the countries that recognized Kosovo, but it is unacceptable for the people of Serbia. This ridiculous idea of "national interests" being the reason for this will only hurt the average Serb. National interests should work in favor of the people of Serbia, not their political face.

    The countries that have recognized Kosovo's independence make up a huge portion of the world's GDP, the only other big countries that make up pretty much the remainder include China, India and Brazil, but this is maybe a total of 30% of the world.

    The remaining 70% have recognized Kosovo. I don't agree with it, but it has happened, you can't turn it back either, Serbia must look forward and restore relations with these countries for the sake of their people, or it will be Kosovo's economy moving forward and even overtaking Serbia's one day if people like Kostunica remain.

    I think the Serbs here need to ask themselves what the term "national interests" means, because Kostunica certainly is not familiar with the term.
    (Peter Sudyka, 31 March 2008 15:58)
  18. Kosova will be recognized by many countries and this process will end with membership in UN.
    (ben, 31 March 2008 15:30)
  19. RE Sebastian

    Please give us the number of the minority members in this multi etnical assembley in Kosovo that you are talking about? And specially the ones that voted for the independence of Kosovo?

    I thank you in advance...
    (Ana, 31 March 2008 15:01)
  20. It is not "Kosovo Albanians' unilateral declaration of independence", but "declaration of independence by the Assembly of Kosovo", which is a multiethnic institution.

    I hope B92 will start to report correctly on this.
    (sebastian, 31 March 2008 14:26)