1. Although it's not as if Markač was attempting to flee, it was a glaring oversight that his trip didn't have the proper permission and documentation. We can thank the media for their watchfulness in this case.
    (Dalmatinska, 30 December 2007 17:33)
  2. So much for guiltless Croatia, right Lenard.
    (Delije, 30 December 2007 15:23)
  3. Hope he had a good hunt!
    (Roger7, 29 December 2007 21:26)
  4. This is the Hague's fault & this example is WHY these alleged (innocent until proven guilty - ha) criminals were wanted by the Hague in the first place.

    They should NEVER have been released - nice job Carla! You're really going out with a "bang"!
    (GSP, 29 December 2007 19:31)
  5. Lenard, Victor I whats up with this. I mean Serbias war criminals are supposably walk free in Serbia. Yet your war criminals are walking free in Croatia with the gov blessing. What hypocrits in the Croatian gov.
    (Delije, 29 December 2007 16:38)