1. The fact that you have one EU official publicly recognising that Inzko's law was a mistake and it has done great damage to BiH is nothing to ignore regardless if it is a trap, but I fail to see how they can trap RS.
    But let’s say it’s a trap by the west. Russia and China play this game of innocence and restraint. They have been doing it for a long time while the west has gone rampant. It’s all in aid of exposing the west to other countries that the west is completely unreliable and they have succeeded. Tony Bliken’s visit to South East Asia was a total failure where some countries refused to talk to him. Thailand was one of those countries.
    Why? Because the US has lost ALL credibility; yes ALL. They openly say the US cannot keep its word or agreements they sign. For the EU to try and trap RS after admitting the facts on the ground then they are also gone and that is what Russia and China want.
    The EU and US have put a noose around their own necks and stand on a chair.
    RS can now demand restructure of the judicial and prosecutorial offices plus put more Serbs in government positions.
    The OHR is gone. No doubt about that.
    (sj, 23 December 2021 11:33)

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