1. These are truly dark times for Macedonia, it seems we are now back in the ‘no-so ‘good old days’ of the late 19th, early 20th Century were Macedonia was seen as a ‘blank canvas’ were bigger powers could impose there will over. I am not sure how this will play out, but it is sad to see Macedonia selling out its children’s birthright for a chance to ‘maybe’ get a seat at the EU table.

    As for ‘Nick the Greek’ comment below, can you please explain to everyone how ‘pontic greek’ refugees who moved to South Macedonia in 1922 (only 97 years ago) from Eastern Turkey (following the great population exchange) can now claim to be real Macedonians? But Slavic settlers who intermarried and assimilated the original Macedonian population in the 6th Century (1,400 years ago) all across Macedonia from Skopje to the north, to Solun in the south, Ohrid to the West, and Drama to the East, are now fake Macedonians?
    (Perspective, 2 January 2019 01:34)

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  2. People-Names and Place-Names can be created adopted or imposed. Macedonians inherited theirs. From previous generations of Greek-speaking Hellenic-peoples. Hence...

    The Macedonian name belongs in Greek domain. Macedonian identity belongs to Greek heritage.

    Nobody is more Macedonian than Greek-speaking Hellenic Macedonians.
    (Nick the Greek, 29 December 2018 11:47)

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  3. Antiquization is dying. Ivanov should neck himself. His Greek hating culturall wet dream is over.
    (Terry, 29 December 2018 08:34)

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  4. In few years the beloved Зайка - зайчик will sneak into Albania just to visit the Hungarian embassy there and to be smuggled in a Belarus diplomatic car into Hungary.

    He will live probably next to his friend, the self-hating Greek Mr. Groios whose family name was "bulgarized" to Gruevski.

    Fake history, fake language, fake identity.

    What is not fake: Ohrid lake, beautiful scenery, beautiful girls, medieval history and Albanian occupation of Western Bulgaria.

    @Albanians in Western Bulgaria: if you are a guest - behave like a guest.
    (Ataman, 28 December 2018 20:07)

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