Europe's door is still open to Britain

As Britain agonises over its destiny, I've been in Brussels discovering what other Europeans think about Brexit – and therefore what real options Britain still has.

Timothy Garton Ash Source:
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  1. No thank you. Europe is far more than the EU and our destiny lies in our own hands. We do not want to belong to a society controlled by Germans.
    (Tony (a Brit seconded to Berlin), 8 December 2018 00:13)

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  2. The British parliament is in the process of undermining the Brexit vote.

    If there is to be a so called ‘people’s votes’ because of the inadequacy of parliament, perhaps there could be merit in abolishing parliament and conducting all law making by referendums.

    The best solution for Britain is simply to leave under WTO rules and conduct negotiations on actual issues according to need. However, most parliamentarians do not have sufficient belief in their own country and are behaving like cowards caught in the EU headlights. I don’t believe they will be happy in the future when they catch up with what ‘ever closer union’ is going to mean in terms of much more substantial undermining of Britain’s sovereignty.

    What is happening in the British parliament today is an abomination.
    (Bloke, 5 December 2018 10:34)

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