1. @ B92 and Hugh Mungus

    "Hugh Mungus," very humorous name! And B92, it was fun to read the creative dialogue! Most importantly, to all, it was and remains positive. :)
    (JS, 18 September 2018 21:47)

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  2. Not a good news for Slovenia EU has created difficult conditions for international business community that is the main reason why foreign investment is moving away to a more economically friendly Nation.
    (Blue Angel, 18 September 2018 08:53)

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  3. @B92

    You found it offensive? Well, it wasn't intended to be, and I must say that you are finding offence in nothing. For someone so easily offended, you nevertheless seem to be taking some effort to offend me.

    I'm tempted to rant about snowflakes (you know what I mean, so I won't explain), but instead I'll cave in to your use of trolling as a mechanism of censorship. You win, and another small voice of dissent is silenced.

    Hugh will post no more!
    (Hugh Mungus, 14 September 2018 12:21)

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  4. @Hugh Mungus, first of all, no ill feelings (even though you missed some of the points from our reply) - and we are actually highly appreciative of your original reaction (more on that later). We also like your name better than ours.

    However, in your second comment - for you to assume our ignorance of the meaning of the term "anorak" - and your need to explain it to us - is slightly/to moderately offensive. We may not speak or write your language, but we do read and understand it :)
    That out of the way - we continue to stand by our choice of photo (just a bit of Serbian "inat"? :)

    On a serious note: despite the case in point, the importance of using as relevant and accurate as posible photos to illustrate articles is by no means lost on us, and we will be paying better attention to this in the future, not least thanks to your reaction.

    Back on a completely frivolous note & lest we forget: if the negative vote on our original comment came from you (as we strongly suspect), please know that it was unwarranted, not cricket, not even football worth watching, and certainly not a way to build peace and love ;)

    (B92, 13 September 2018 15:58)

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  5. @B92Valid criticism full stop. My comment on the brand was just a bit of English humour. It actually is a Bosch, although that doesn't matter. I even poked fun at myself by claiming to be an "anorak" - ie a nerd/geek.However, a washing machine, of any or no brand, is not a fridge, and you don't have to be an anorak, nerd or geek to realise that. Love and peace!
    (Hugh Mungus, 13 September 2018 15:00)

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  6. @Hugh Mungus

    Valid criticism, to an extent. In this case we simply went for the the stock photo used by our Serbian website colleagues who originally ran the story.

    Although it would have been more to the point to show a fridge with a Gorenje brand clearly emblazoned on it (we've done that, too, in the past), we still feel this one lives up to the purpose of using stock photography as it does illustrate the home appliances industry, which the article is about.

    (B92, 13 September 2018 12:57)

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  7. An article about Gorenje fridges. So why illustrate it with the picture of a washing machine, and one that looks suspiciously Bosch?

    To an anorak like me, much the same as using a picture of the Partizan basketball team to illustrate an article about Red Star football.
    (Hugh Mungus, 13 September 2018 08:14)

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  8. The Chinese have bought Gorenje and I said that they would move production out of Slovenia. The administration will remain in Slovenia for the time being. I'd say 3 years then it will move as well to Serbia.
    The Chinese need the name not the products since they will introduce their own line very soon.
    (sj, 13 September 2018 06:51)

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