1. "...at the very center of this amateurish operation..."

    You do know that you recently tried to send a train with derogatory writings?
    That was amateur hour.

    (L*O*G*I*C, 13 September 2017 22:07)

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  2. SNS cabale are right the previous government did go down the wrong path

    My question is if SNS officials way to the top Vucic know this to be the wrong path -

    WHY then have they done nothing to have immediately reversed such folly ???

    On the contrary they blame DS et al but the SNS/ Vucic cabal seem to accelerated the wrong DS move. It has become ever more unbearable for Serbs since DS (who SNS called sellouts) lost out in 2012!
    (Principa, Gracanica, KiM Srbija, 13 September 2017 20:05)

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  3. Since Gjuric is not allowed any longer in Kosovo, instead of Albanians he is attacking his own.
    The question that Serbia asked to the International Court was the only question they could ask. It was discovered as illformulated after the Court refused to address certain issues that Serbia hoped it would, giving life to the expression"sorry for not answering the question you didn't asked".
    Even if they would ask the correct question, the opinion of the court would be split, none, and what even worse non binding.
    (Niko, 13 September 2017 17:14)

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