Ambassador committed suicide "because of illness"

BELGRADE -- Serbia's Ambassador to NATO Branislav Milinković, who earlier this week committed suicide, was recently diagnosed with "a life-threatening illness".

Branislav Milinković (Beta, file)
Branislav Milinković (Beta, file)

Reuters is quoting an anonymous Serbian government official in its report on Friday as also stating that “Milinković was apparently distressed by bad news about his health”.

The late diplomat's wife Sanja also told a Belgrade newspaper that he had been diagnosed “with a sudden and grave illness” only days before his death.

“Doctors told him about prolonged treatment and an uncertain outcome. Branislav could not bear the fact of living, as he put it, the rest of his life without human dignity," Sonja Milinković was quoted as saying by Belgrade-based tabloid Kurir.

The 52-year-old jumped to his death from a multi-storey car park at Brussels airport on Tuesday.. Belgian authorities said they would not investigate the incident as all findings indicated a suicide, Reuters reported.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade on Friday organized a commemoration ceremony to honor its ambassador, which brought together his family, friends and colleagues.

Milinković was appointed as Serbia's envoy to NATO in 2009.