Early elections would be “disastrous adventure”

BELGRADE -- Serbia needs political stability and I do not believe that any coalition partner will cause early elections, says Deputy Prime Minister Jovan Krkobabić.

Jovan Krkobabić (Beta, file)
Jovan Krkobabić (Beta, file)

“It would only cost the citizens and nothing would change significantly in the state,” he told daily Večernje novosti.

“The moment is too critical for anyone to play games with the people and the state. We had elections last year, citizens said what they had to say and it is up to politicians now to take the responsibility. We all need to make an effort to reach the widest possible unity in the country because we are facing strong external and internal challenges. Elections could now be a disastrous adventure for the state. If they, however, happen, Party of United Pensioners of Serbia's (PUPS) is ready for such solution as well,” the deputy PM was quoted as saying.

He expects the state to show unity during the adoption of a resolution on Kosovo because “key political factors should reach a consensus on strategic issues for Serbia”.

According to him, this is important “so we could be much stronger in that field this time next year than we are today”.

“I am convinced at everybody in our coalition support combat against corruption and there should not be any differences there. Everybody who violated the law needs to answer. I believe that the ruling coalition will not be threatened by the combat (against corruption). Quite the contrary,” Krkobabić concluded.