Police arrest five drug dealers in Novi Sad

NOVI SAD -- Five men were arrested in Novi Sad on Saturday on suspicion that they have been selling drugs in Novi Sad in Vrbas for some time, Novi Sad police have released.

The police arrested 30-year-old M.B., 32-year-old I.V., 35-year-old Z.K., and 48-year-old S.Š.

Ž.B., 57, was arrested for illegal weapons and explosives posession, reads the release.

The police arrested the suspects after Z.K. took over a bag from M.B. The police determined that the bag contained heroin.

The police searched several apartments of M.B. in Novi Sad and Vrbas and discovered 280 grams of heroin, 165 grams of cocaine, two digital scales, a mixer, some money, 71 various caliber bullets and a rifle, the police added in the release.