Extreme disappointment: US embassy reacts to Interpol vote

Charge d'affaires of the US embassy in Pristina Colleen Hyland took to Twitter Tuesday to express "extreme disappointment" with the result of the Interpol vote.

Source: B92

Namely, another attempt by Pristina to join the organization - that went against Serbia's fierce opposition - failed today in Dubai.

"Extremely disappointed at the outcome of the Interol vote. It was always about better security in the Balkans, Europe, and the world. With this outcome, we all lose. Kosovo should remain focused on its European future and coordinated with its allies," Hyland wrote.

She also linked to a press release issued by the embassy in Pristina, which states that "the Kosovo police is a fully integrated and capable institution, with a demonstrated record of helping dismantle international terrorist, cybercriminal, narcotics, arms, and human smuggling networks."

"A majority of countries saw this and supported Kosovo’s application to join INTERPOL, in the face of a campaign, led by Serbia, to pressure countries to oppose Kosovo's bid. Support for Kosovo's INTERPOL membership was never about recognition of Kosovo’s independence, but about strengthening global law enforcement cooperation and closing a critical security gap in the Balkans. With this outcome, we all lose," the US embassy's press release said, and concluded:

"We continue to strongly support the EU-facilitated Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Now more than ever, both parties should accelerate their efforts to reach agreement on full normalization, which is the only way for both countries to advance on their EU accession paths. Both Serbia and Kosovo need to realize that their paths toward their European future lie through normalization. To that end, we urge them to avoid provocations and work together on a deal."

Over in Belgrade, US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said Interpol's decision was disappointing for his country.

Scott added that the outcome of the vote was a diplomatic victory for Serbia, and congratulated the country's leadership.


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