Staggering loss of civilian life in Raqqa - UN

Intensified air strikes of a coalition gathered around the US on Raqqa, an Islamic State stronghold in Syria, are causing a "staggering loss of civilian life."

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)

The United Nations war crimes investigators announced this on Wednesday, adding that 160,000 civilians have been forced to leave their homes, Tanjug said, citing a Reuters report.

"We note in particular that the intensification of air strikes, which have paved the ground for an SDF advance in Raqqa, has resulted not only in staggering loss of civilian life, but has also led to 160,000 civilians fleeing their homes and becoming internally displaced," said chairman of the UN Commission of Inquiry told the Human Rights Council Paulo Pinheiro, without providing a precide figure of casualties.

Earlier this month, Syrian forces supported by the US took the first district in the western part of the town.

Raqqa has been under Islamic State control since 2014.


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