Angry Poland blocks final statement of EU summit

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has confirmed she will officially block the final statement at the end of the EU summit in Brussels.

Source: Tanjug
Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen (L) speaks with Polish PM Beata Szydlo (C) (Tanjug/AP)
Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen (L) speaks with Polish PM Beata Szydlo (C) (Tanjug/AP)

This will happen because of the reelection of Donald Tusk on Thursday as head of the European Council - despite Warsaw's opposition.

"My position is very clear, I won't accept the summit conclusions, so the summit won't be valid," she said.

Tusk's reelection, according to Szydlo, represents "a very dangerous precedent."

The statement at the end of the summit must be unanimously adopted to take effect. It was to contain conclusions about the economy, migration and instability in the Balkans, as well as about the Tusk reelection.

But now the conclusions will instead be released as a national communique by Malta, which currently holds the EU presidency, AFP reported.

Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, has come under attack from Warsaw for allegedly interfering in domestic politics.

The decision about his reelection shows that the European Union is dominated by Germany, said leader of the ruling Polish Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

"The rule that such high ranking officials should have the support of their country to be elected has been violated," he told reporters.

However, Kaczynski added, that any talk that Poland wants to leave the EU is "absurd."


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