6.217 newly infected, 65 people died

According to the latest information, 6.217 people were infected in Serbia in 24 hours.

Source: B92
Shutterstock/Dragan Mujan
Shutterstock/Dragan Mujan

65 died.

In the last 24 hours, 22.574 people were tested.

There are 277 patients on respirators, while 6,788 were hospitalized.

The coronavirus epidemic in Serbia has so far taken 9,826 lives, and the mortality rate is 0.87 percent.

Children - risk group

In Serbia, there are more and more children infected with COVID-19, and currently the risk groups include children aged two to three.

Prof. Dr. Vladislav Vukomanović, a pediatric cardiologist at the Institute for Mother and Child, estimates that vaccinations of children under 12 will soon take place in our country.

The head of intensive care at the University Children's Clinic in Tirsova, Snezana Rsovac, said today for TV Prva that there are three children in a very bad condition. Children infected with coronavirus have a severe clinical picture, and two babies are on mechanical ventilation and are critical. The team for monitoring and coordinating the application of preventive measures in the work of schools has made a decision to apply the second model of teaching in six local governments.

As stated in the announcement of the Ministry of Education, from Monday, November 1, the second (combined) model will be applied in high schools on the territory of six local governments in Veliko Gradiste, Vrnjacka Banja, Belgrade, Kula, Nis and Sabac.


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