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Deputy Director of the "Batut" Institute, Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević, said that no one is protected from the virus and that everyone must adhere to the measures

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Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević presented statistical data at the beginning of the press conference.

As she said, almost all municipalities and cities have recorded cases of infection, so that the transmission of the virus is possible everywhere.

"In Belgrade, 49 percent are infected, or 286," Dr Kisic Tepavcevic said.

"None of us is protected, all those who do not use masks can become infected," Dr Kisić Tepavčević emphasized.

She listed the working active population and younger people who come into contact with a larger number of people without adhering to the general preventive measures as the persons most at risk.

"Our oldest fellow citizens should be our role models, and we have shown that even our youngest, who go to school, respect the measures," Dr Kisić Tepavčević said.

About the measures

"At the very beginning, the whole world was surprised by the intensity of the virus's activity and no one was prepared. We are one of the countries in this part of Europe that was among the last to get in touch with the virus, so we could see the experiences of others," Dr Darija Kisic Tepavcevic said.

She said that at that time, Serbia managed to save many lives by restrictive measures, especially the oldest citizens.

"In the meantime, we procured respirators, tests, which were not available in the beginning - they were not available. The whole world was preparing for the virus that way, although we all hoped that we would not need it," explained Dr Kisić Tepavčević.

Why are there more infected and less hospitalized?

"When it comes to immunity, we are certainly much more protected than we were in March," Dr Kisic Tepavcevic said.

Dr Kisić Tepavčević also explained why the number of infected people is growing, but not the number of hospitalized people.

"In the beginning, we hospitalized everyone and the asymptomatic ones, now that model has changed, not in our country, but in the world, we have moved to self-isolation and isolation.

That is why there are fewer hospitalized. Every day, the number of people on the respirator is quite stable, regardless of the increase in laboratory cases", the member of the Crisis Staff, Dr Kisić Tepavčević said.


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