The epidemiologist who predicted peak warns: Numbers doubled, possible worse scenario

Epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic, who stated that the peak of this wave of coronavirus awaits us this week, warns that a worse scenario may follow.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, it can be expected that the consequences of large gatherings of people who were without masks and distance will be seen, and they are mostly young people. At the moment, in the KC Nis in the COVID part, Tiodorovic said, adding that we have more than 320 patients, out of which 10 are on respirators

That number has doubled compared to previous days, the epidemiologist adds.

"This situation should be called into question, it doesn't get any easier in Nis. In Vranje, we have a very unfavorable situation, with the transition to an emergency. The health system in Vranje is fighting it quite successfully, but there capacities are full. They have 182 patients with pneumonia, which is a terrible record. Zajecar has 40 patients in hospital and as many at home treatment. Leskovac is under control, but it experienced a slight increase. In general, the situation in southeastern Serbia, as well as the whole of Serbia, changes from day to day", he told TV Pink, as reported by Tanjug.

He emphasized that the increase in the number of patients is expected from the middle of the week until the weekend, when the number of infected is expected to decrease, but only if the measures are applied.

"The health care system is overstretched and I think it is on the verge of endurance. On the one hand, we have a decline in the endurance of the people, this has been going on for too long, but people are no longer ready to practice protection measures during the summer." Now, we should change the strategy, to treat severe and moderately ill patients first, and to take care of everyone else at home. Everyone must be aware that he is personally responsible for his health. The health system cannot endure, because some think that the disease does not exist. "It goes so far that I have to say that all of us who deal with the health system are in a very difficult situation and we are running out of strength", Tiodorovic said.

As he assessed, everyone must be aware, regardless of what political orientation he belonged to, to be personally responsible for his health. "The health care system cannot withstand what others do not accept, and they even think that the disease does not exist," Tiodorovic said.

He said that the health system must be dedicated to the sick, with difficulties, and added that the question is what the purpose of testing is. "Because if you know that they are people with clinical signs, then that is enough to establish a diagnosis," he concluded.


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