"There are active hotspots; Restrictive measures are not excluded"

The burden on the health system is great, but it survives. The situation could worsen if the virus continues to spread, according to immunologist Srdja Jankovic

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Printskrin: TV Prva
Printskrin: TV Prva

"We expect the peak during this week and that is why we announced that turning point. We thought it was a turning point before, then we all allowed the situation to get worse and came to this situation," Srdja Jankovic told TV Prva.

As the regular press conferences of the Crisis Staff start again today, he points out that informing on a daily basis is very important, as well as trust in the Crisis Staff, and that there is currently a certain crisis of confidence.

Jankovic stated that the Institute of Rheumatology is being prepared and it is not known exactly when it will start working as a COVID hospital.

"There are active hotspots. If we say that it is under control, I do not want to send a reassuring message that the situation has completely eased, but not too alarming. However, excessive optimism is not our ally, we must take everything very seriously," Jankovic said.

He emphasized that he doesn't rule out the possibility of introducing the most restrictive measures.

"Restrictive measures are not excluded when the situation is so difficult and serious. No one from the crisis staff wants the most restrictive measures, but if there is no way to save human lives, we will have to resort to that as well," immunologist Jankovic said.

As he said, we can expect an even bigger blow in the fall, but it cannot be precisely estimated whether that blow will be stronger than this - "Maybe this blow is the worst thing that the coronavirus has prepared for us," Srdja Jankovic emphasized.

"Predictions are of limited precision, all this should be understood as conditional predictions - what will really happen, we cannot claim to know in advance, it is up to us only to prepare for the most difficult," he added.

Jankovic explained that, according to the predictions, it will take a few more weeks to reverse the trend and reach the turning point for the virus to subside.

The immunologist warned that it is important to emphasize that the virus manages to develop wherever it is found, and it is important to know and prevent that.


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