"Four new coronavirus victims;" Numbers look good, curfew to be aborted soon" VIDEO

In the last 24 hours, four people have died from the coronavirus infection, bringing the death toll to 193 in Serbia

Source: B92
Foto: Printskrin/ TV B92
Foto: Printskrin/ TV B92

5.274 samples were tested, out of which 102 came out positive for the coronavirus.

COVID-19 death rate in Serbia is now 2.04 percent. A total of 9.464 coronavirus cases were confirmed in the country so far, while 2.116 people were hospitalised, with 54 of them on ventilators, while 1.551 patients recovered.

Serbia has tested 101.911 people for the coronavirus since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The number of infected medical workers in Serbia is 450, half of which are hospitalized and the rest are in isolation.

Director of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Clinic, Goran Stevanovic, said the numbers are good and satisfying, and if such a trend continues in the next two weeks, we can hope to end the remaining emergency measures.

"These numbers show the effectiveness of the measures and the responsibility and self-discipline of the citizens," Stevanovic said at a media conference at the Palace of Serbia.

He points out that these are the most important measures of physical distance and that we must continue to follow the advice of epidemiologists.

"If we do not do this, we run the risk of re-entering the cycle of increasing the number of patients," he said, adding that now the danger is not significant.

Asked when the curfew would be abolished, Stevanovic said it would be an epidemiological assessment.

"We need a few more days to get less than 5 percent of those infected," he concluded.

Stevanovic said the virus had only entered Zabela when prison institutions are concerned, and that there were thirteen prisoners at the Infectious Diseases Clinic who had pneumonia, but were in good general condition.

He said the pavilions were open type and that some of the detainees had almost no clinical symptomatology, and that they were at a separate isolated facility for further surveillance, similar to a temporary hospital at the Belgrade Fair.

"We have 13 detainees at the clinic and all have pneumonia, but all are in excellent general condition," he said, adding that no problems in their further treatment were expected.

Most patients have a mild clinical picture, and those who are on respirators have been on mechanical ventilation for more than 2 weeks, Stevanovic said.

"Most people who get to the respirator are old age patients. Most are from gerontology centers and they are over 80 years old on average," he said.

Asked whether temporary hospitals would be abolished and self-isolation provided, he said that all patients who were positive would be placed in hospital facilities, and those with the least symptoms would be in temporary hospitals.

"We have seen that home isolation measures are not as effective, and for now, all the positive will be housed in hospital facilities, be it COVID or temporary hospitals," he underlined.

Talking about the announced testing for collective immunity to coronavirus starting tomorrow, Stevanovic said it was a representative sample of 7.000 people, but the testing would later be performed locally.

The next coronavirus press conference will be held on Wednesday and will probably be phased out later due to reduced interest, but coronavirus data in Serbia will be published on www.covid19.rs website.


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