Football Association of Serbia has new president

Former Football Association of Serbia (FSS) Vice President Slavisa Kokeza was on Friday unanimously elected the president of the organization.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Kokeza (left) and Karadzic (StarSport)
Kokeza (left) and Karadzic (StarSport)

At the Electoral Assembly meeting at the FSS headquarters in Stara Pazova, near Belgrade, Kokeza was backed by all 77 delegates, replacing Tomislav Karadzic, who had served as president for eight years.

Kokeza, who was the sole candidate, received a four-year term until 2020.

"Creating a positive atmosphere in and around the national team is my top objective. We have missed three major competitions and there is no need to emphasize how much of a loss that is. Many factors have been an influence in that but a crisis of results is evident. We have selected a new, proven head coach (Slavoljub Muslin), and we have to regain the trust of the nation. We need to root out club partisanship and personal interests because we must be united on the road to the World Cup," Kokeza said presenting his agenda.

New members of the FSS Executive Council include Branko Stojakovic, Novica Toncev, Miodrag Jankovic, Goran Bunjevcevic, Goran Milanovic, Savo Milosevic, Darko Ramovs, and Janko Zamberi, while Nebojsa Ivkovic will continue to serve as general secretary.


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