Ban sought on concert of Hungarian neo-Nazi

LDP and DSS parties have asked Serbian authorities to ban the performance of Hungarian neo-Nazi Balazs Sziva at a music festival in Novi Bečej, northern Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

The Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) said in a statement that the announced performance was "unacceptable and in complete contradiction with the principles of respect for human and minority rights, multiculturalism and prohibition of discrimination and hate speech."

"Promoting a dark totalitarian idea is an affront to our society that has made many sacrifices in the fight against Nazism. As part of the European democratic society we must not allow a smooth promotion of fascist and Nazi ideas," the statement said.

The LDP invited competent national authorities to respond as soon as possible and make a decision to ban the holding of these and all other events and gatherings which send messages spreading ethnic and other forms of hatred and intolerance.

The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) assessed in its own statement that the municipality of Novi Bečej in the province of Vojvodina, where the local government is headed by the LDP and the Serb Progressives (SNS), is complicit with the parties movements of the Hungarian right-wing in organizing a camp within whose program neo-Nazi Balazs Sziva planst to perform on August 20.

"Sziva was already a guest in Serbia with the band 'Romatic Violence', whose fans openly and publicly call for the use of arms in order to achieve the objectives of the Hungarian irredentists. After the concert in Kanjiža, where he participated in 'The Festival of the United Hungarian Youth in the Southern Area," he is now arriving in Novi Bečej," the DSS noted.

The party added that the current and the two previous prime ministers of Serbia are responsible for allowing Hungarian neo-Nazis to, for several past years, enter the territory of Serbia unimpeded, and to, in cooperation with some municipalities, propagate their ideology, advocating a revision of the Trianon Treaty and the restoration of 'Greater Hungary.'

The DSS urged the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government to supervise the legality of work of local government units.

"The government is under obligation to take all legal measures to prevent the actions of neo-Nazi groups and individuals, whether they are our citizens or not, and also when it comes to those municipalities where such activities are not only tolerated but are also irresponsibly encouraged," the statement said.

Earlier, the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) of Novi Sad warned that Sziva, one of the leading figures of the Hungarian neo-fascist movement, would perform in Novi Bečej in a camp organized by people close to the Hungarian ultra nationalist party Jobbik and other movements of the Hungarian fascist right-wing.


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