US congressman thinks Macedonia is "not a country"

After reportedly urging "a land swap" between southern parts of central Serbia and northern Kosovo, Dana Rohrabacher has turned his attention to Macedonia.

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(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

The US congressman has told Albanian broadcaster Vision Plus that his "inclination" is that Macedonia is - not a country. This is according to RT, which quoted "Bulgarian news wire BGNES in a translation from Albanian."

The creation of Macedonia a country is a failed project, while the atmosphere in the Balkans is such that it calls for what a fresh redrawing of borders, said the man praised in the past by Albanian terrorists as a strong advocate of arming them.

"I’m sorry - it’s not a country. There is such a division in their country (Macedonia) they will never be able to live together in the future. For this reason, Kosovars (Kosovo Albanians) and Albanians from Macedonia should be part of Kosovo and the rest of Macedonia should be part of Bulgaria or any other country to which they believe they are related,” Rohrabacher has been quoted as saying.

Asked whether US President Donald Trump should support a partition, he responded by saying that he now "has influence on US policy makers.”

A reaction from Skopje followed, with this statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“His expressed views generated immense anxiety regarding Macedonia and the region. They inflame nationalist rhetoric in the neighboring regions, taking us back into the past. We believe that the US State Department will adequately remove any doubt about the stated positions and will affirm its policy towards Macedonia and the Balkans.”


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