Ex-RS leader Plavsic blames Bill Clinton for Srebrenica

Former RS President Biljana Plavsic has told Sputnik that former U.S. President Bill Clinton was to blame for the crime in Srebrenica.

Source: Sputnik
(Image made from video)
(Image made from video)

Plavsic, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison and since released after pleading guilty at the Hague Tribunal, said it was "indisputable that people were killed at Srebrenica," adding, "but on whose orders?

"On Clinton's. Clinton said, 'America will enter on your, Muslim side in the war, we will bomb the Serbs if you allow the Chetniks to enter Srebrenica. And there must be no less than 5,000 massacred," said Plavsic.

She claims that Clinton told this to wartime Muslim leader in Bosnia and member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Alija Izetbegovic.

"He told this to Alija Izetbegovic. Alija Izetbegovic conveyed it to the war presidency, I read the record. This Croat in The Hague gave me the record. My lawyer could not get it. (He) says: 'This is worth 20,000 marks.'.'Well ...,' I said. I did not quite have it, nor did I consider this important, so I read the shorthand of what was said by whom. Alija Izetbegovic said, 'Clinton is persuading me.' And now, after several years, a book has been printed, an American who was in Sarajevo all the time during the war said the same thing. The book has also been translated, what was the title... I it both in English and in Serbian, if you need it. It's written exactly," Plavsic stated.

According to her claims, when Izetbegovic conveyed this to the Presidency, one of its members, Sefer Halilovic reacted by saying, "Alija, you have lost your mind."

"Yet it happened, while not only Serbs were in the group that carried it out. Erdemovic - a Croat, there was a Slovenian, I have not dealt with it, but it were to be analyzed, it would become obvious that it was all a setup. Sefer Halilovic's son has written a book where he described precisely that (Naser) Oric received the orders to withdraw to Tuzla a month before...," said Plavsic.


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