Montenegrin politicians reportedly depicted in frescos

After Milo Đukanović, another Montenegrin politician has been spotted in a fresco in Podgorica's Temple of the Resurrection of Christ.

Source: Tanjug

But unlike Đukanović and Metropolitan Amfilohije, Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapić found his place in "the hell segment" of the mural.

Priest Velibor Džomić confirmed this and said Krivokapić "secured his place in hell" with his "unsuccessful attempts to persecute the (SPC) Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral."

Krivokapić is joined in the artwork by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Josip Broz Tito.

Džomić noted that there were "several (persons) in the composition showing Hell, but in the artistic sense the modern ones are personified by the famous European Ranko Krivokapić, according to his merit."

On Wednesday, the Podgorica-based daily Vijesti reported that Montenegro's Prime Minister Milo Đukanović was also depicted on the church's walls, but that he fared much better, since he can be seen among a group of ktitors, or donors, who helped build the structure.

However, Džomić was unwilling to either deny or confirm that the image indeed represented Đukanović, inviting instead all those interested to visit the church "and see for themselves." 

The same fresco shows Metropolitan Amfilohije presenting the church to Jesus Christ, along with late SPC Patriarch Pavle, late Russian Patriarch Aleksei, architect Predrag Ristić, other public and religious figures, members of the clergy, and worshipers.

This church in Podgorica was consecrated last year as part of the Edict of Milan anniversary. The work to build the temple started in 1993, with patriarchs Pavle, Aleksei, and Bartholomew taking part in the groundbreaking ceremony.

However, the priest in charge of the church, Dragan Mitrović, denied that any Montenegrin politician was seen depicted in the frescos.

In a statement sent to Tanjug, Mitorović said it was "not in the nature of the Church to place anyone either in heaven or hell - it is instead open to any person of any national, political, or social persuasion, witnessing Christ as the eternal truth, path, and life."

He also denied that Đukanović's image was found in one of the paintings, saying it instead represented Professor Ratko Mitrović, "who made great contribution during the building of the temple."


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