Rama with footage from the KLA war: Serbs were not bombed by Thaci and Veseli VIDEO

Edi Rama posted a video of his speech in the Albanian Parliament on his Facebook profile after the indictment against Thaci and Veseli was published.

Source: Kosovo online

He illustrated the speech with footage from the KLA war and the 1999 bombing of Serbia.

Rama gave full support to the former KLA leaders, and his visit to Pristina is obviously dedicated to collecting political points on national motives.

"I'm getting tired from counting post-war statements about the need to create a new court. Serbs were not bombed by Thaci and Veseli. The democratic world is not an aggressor, and Thaci and others rebelled against the aggressor. That is a fact," Rama told lawmakers at the last session of the Albanian parliament, Koha reports.

In the description of the video, Rama wrote: "Good morning from Pristina, I wish you all a good day."


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