"Savamala is this government's most dangerous affair"

Sasa Jankovic has singled out "the phantom incursion" in Belgrade's Savamala district as "the most dangerous affair of the current government."

Source: Beta
A protest in Belgrade on May 25 over the Savamala demolitions (Tanjug)
A protest in Belgrade on May 25 over the Savamala demolitions (Tanjug)

The citizens' ombudsman made this claim in an interview for Belgrade-based Nedeljnik weekly, in reference to the April demolition of several buildings by as yet unknown, masked persons.

"I don't know if everyone is aware that an organized, motorized, equipped, masked group of people held a part of Serbia under siege for two hours, suspended its sovereignty in the middle of the capital, captured citizens who happened to be there, and left when they considered their job done," Jankovic said, adding:

"The relevant state authority - the police - did not dare respond, not even come when it was all over, probably - as the minister has explained - afraid of the severed power cables!"

Jankovic added that movable and immovable property was destroyed during the demolition and that city services then "cleaned up the site where criminal offenses had been perpetrated in an orderly manner, as if it was a field after a circus had left."

"Meanwhile, we have been hearing about real, and then 'potential' medical records shared with foreign investors 'while being carried away,' we had an election abduction - or a voluntary walk, depending on the way one wishes to see it, a brutal beating of a sports official who, if I'm not mistaken, was also an adviser to the current minister of justice, the intimidation and a smear campaign against the editor of an investigative news portal, white two news rooms have had their equipment taken and footage deleted," Jankovic said.


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