PM says "Serbia decides" whether he'll go to Srebrenica

Aleksandar Vucic has said that a decision on whether he would attend the marking of the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica "will be made by Serbia."

Source: Tanjug

The prime minister added that this decision "will not be made by Russia, the United States, or Great Britain."

Asked whether the announced UN resolution, drafted by Britain, was part of the pressure exerted so "some Serbian official would go to Srebrenica," Vucic said that "no one can pressure him."

"Whether I go to Srebrenica or not, it will be a decision of Serbia, and not one of the United States, Great Britain, the Russian Federation, or anyone else," he said.

Speaking to reporters as he was launching the "My Serbia" campaign in downtown Belgrade, Vucic added that "going or not going to Srebrenica depends on a myriad factors," while the media "should show a little patience on this issue because these are not easy decisions."

Furthermore, Vucic added that he did not receive any official information regarding the resolution, adding he "expected this during the course of yesterday," and that he could not comment on something he had not seen.

"If you ask me why some are drafting resolutions, without Serbia being acquainted with it, I have to say that I don't understand it, that I don't understand why they do it and what the ultimate goal is," said Vucic.

Asked whether, if the resolution is tabled before the UN Security Council, Serbia would seek protection from Russia in the form of a veto, Vucic said he "could not say anything because he has not seen the text of the resolution."

"I can only comment on that once I have seen the text of the resolution - if is it is bad we will vote against it, and if it is good we will be in favor, but I need to see the text," said Vucic.

Asked what he expected from the upcoming visit of President Tomislav Nikolic to Sarajevo, Vucic said that he "expects a fair and concrete visit in order to the establish even better bilateral relations."

As for his "opinion about Naser Oric's extradition (to Serbia)", Vucic stated that "judicial authorities should do their job."


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