“EU integration will grind to halt if dialogue fails”

If Belgrade-Priština negotiations on April 2 fail, Serbia’s EU integration will be stopped for the next two years, Deputy PM Rasim Ljajić has said.

Source: Beta

“It means our EU integration will be stopped not for a year, but for at least two years, primarily because there will be elections in Germany, their parliament will be formed, members of the European Commission will be changed and they will not want to deal with us while they are doing it,” he told Belgrade-based TV Pink.

Ljajić noted that he did not know if a failure to get a date for the start of the EU accession talks would be a reason for the government to fall but he pointed out that the Serbian government needed a “positive jolt”.

“The government needs a positive jolt after the combat against corruption when people started trusting institutions again. It would be a great success to get the date and the implementation of reforms and solving of social and economic issues could then begin. If this does not happen, we will enter a negative phase,” he explained.

According to him, this means Serbia will face a government reshuffle or early elections.

“If Belgrade does not accept an offer in the eight round in Brussels, I do not expect the position of Kosovo Serbs to be threatened and that they will be expelled,” Ljajić said but stressed that the government was thinking about possible consequences.

He added that the international community guaranteed Kosovo Serbs’ rights but expressed certain doubt and stressed that their representatives had not been successful in doing their job in the past.


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