KFOR operation “aimed at pressuring Nikolić”

Faculty of Political Sciences professor Predrag Simić says KFOR’s operation in northern Kosovo is aimed at exerting pressure on President Tomislav Nikolić.

Izvor: Beta

He said that the Friday operation was “absolutely connected” with Nikolić’s oath-taking.

According to him, the KFOR operation “represents some sort of pressure that should determine Nikolić and the future Serbian government’s bad starting position”.

“I think this is a baptism of fire of the new president but also a message from Belgrade that things have gone too far and that the new president and the government, once it has been formed, will have to start dealing with Kosovo where the situation will be significantly different than the one which was left by the previous government and the previous president,” Simić told Beta news agency.

He assessed that tensions had been rising since the election campaign started in Serbia, adding that the situation culminated today.

“It depends on Belgrade how the situation will develop. KFOR and Priština have made their moves and let us hope that the new president and the future government are ready for the challenges, like they claimed in their campaigns,“ Simić concluded.

Four northern Kosovo Serbs were wounded in clashes with KFOR on Friday, after KFOR troops started removing barricades near Zvečan.

Nikolić, Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković and several ministers held an emergency meeting over the latest incidents in Kosovo on Friday.


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