Two KPS members arrested on administrative line

Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) Gendarmerie officers arrested two Kosovo police (KPS) members in the Merdare region around 10:30 CET on Saturday.

Source: Tanjug

According to Interior Minister Ivica Dačić, the arrested Kosovo police officers had two automatic rifles, two handguns and special equipment for distance measurement.

“The names of the arrestees are Shukre Binaku and Sami Beqiri,” he told reporters in the Palace of Serbia after meeting with the families of Serb police officers from the Kosovo-Morava region who were released by a decision of the Kosovo Supreme Court from detention facilities in Gnjilane and Pri[tina where they were kept since their arrest on February 25 on suspicion that they undermined the Kosovo constitutional order.

Dačić pointed out that the incursion of the two KPS members constituted a drastic violation of the Military Technical Agreement signed in Kumanovo in 1999.

“What were they doing in the territory of central Serbia and what agreement does that fall under,” the minister said and added that Serbia would not tolerate such actions.

He called on UNMIK, KFOR and EULEX to state their opinion on the event and pointed out that anyone who dared to violate the Kumanovo Military Technical Agreement this way would be arrested.

“This has overstepped all limits,” Dačić underscored.


Kosovo court releases five arrested Serbs

Five Serbs, who were arrested by Kosovo police special units (ROSU) on February 25 in Gnjilane were released on Saturday, Ministry for Kosovo has stated.

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