"Next government will solve issue of RSHC status"

Ivica Dacic stressed Monday that th issue of the status of the Russia-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSHC) staff in Nis will be solved by the future government.

Source: Tanjug
Dacic is seen in Belgrade on Monday (Tanjug)
Dacic is seen in Belgrade on Monday (Tanjug)

As the acting prime minister said, this question must be resolved "one way or another."

Dacic pointed out that this issue has been politicized for years.

He recalled that he signed the agreement to establish the Center together with Russia's Sergei Shoigu, in front of then Russian and Serbian presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Boris Tadic.

Dacic also pointed out that in the meantime, all misunderstandings with the EU have been clarified - but then the question of status of the people employed there emerged, along with "great politicization about whether they should be granted extraterritorial status - which is false."

"There was a proposal to give them the status of administrative technical staff, like in embassies, just like that enjoyed by other countries or organizations, such as NATO or the United States. Because the name of the center contains the term 'humanitarian' - some American politicians have asked why humanitarian workers would seek diplomatic status," Dacic said.

He pointed out that the Red Cross, for example, has diplomatic status in all countries of the world.

"This question is being politicized and we will see how it will be solved. It must be resolved in one way or another, I raised the issue with the proposal to solve it," he underlined.

According to Dacic, the next government would definitely decide on this, because the current one has a caretaker role.

Asked by a reporter about "the government's orientation," he said that "claims about someone in the government being more in favor of the East or the West" have "nothing do with anything."

"None of us is a fan of the East or the West, but only of our country and the interests of our state, which means that when we conduct a policy to protect the interests of our country, we should think with our own heads, like others do," Dacic said.


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