"Serbia launches extradition procedure for SRS officials"

Serbia's legal representative has informed the Hague Tribunal that the country had launched a procedure for the extradition of three SRS party members.

Source: Tanjug
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

They are Vjerica Radeta, Petar Jojic and Jovo Ostojic.

In a detailed report on activities taken to extradite the three, submitted on Wednesday, Sasa Obradovic said the Justice Ministry notified him that the domestic case in the extradition procedure, after being discussed in a closed government meeting, will be urgently sent to Belgrade's High Court, the Hague Tribunal said on Thursday.

"This practically means that the case is back to the normal procedure, in line with the law on the cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia,“ reads the report, quoted by Tanjug.

Beta agency is reporting that all three have been charged with influencing witnesses and obstructing justice in the Hague case against Vojislav Seselj, and have on several occasions they would not go to The Hague voluntarily.


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