Gendarme jailed for 40 years in double murder case

The Higher Court in Kraljevo has confirmed the 40-year prison sentence previously handed down to Aleksandar Krstic, who was charged with double murder.

Source: Tanjug

Krstic, a resident of Kraljevo, was serving as a member of the Serbian police Gendarmerie unit at the time the crime was committed, in July 2013.

His common-law wife Ivana Radivojevic has been sentenced to two and a half years.

The original sentence sending Krstic to jail for 40 years was announced last March. Krstic was on trial for murdering and then setting on fire Srdjan Tomic and Aleksandar Nedeljkovic, both residents of the town of Jagodina.

The Higher Court today, acting on a decision of the Kragujevac Appellate Court, increased the sentence given to Krstic's accomplice Goran Dabic from eight to nine years.

The Tomic family legal representative Milovan Stojanovic told Tanjug that Dabic's jail time was increased because of illegal possession of weapons, while the original sentence given to Krstic's other helper, Ivan Radivojevic, remained the same.

Stojanovic said the the Appellate Court had asked that both Dabic and Radivojevic be put on trial as accessories to aggravated murder, but that the Court Council in Kraljevo did not accept this motion.

The prosecution will now appeal, and the victims' families will join this move, Stojanovic revealed on Tuesday.


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