Reports: Policeman suspected of killing two in Jagodina

According to unofficial information, a member of the MUP Gendarmerie has been arrested on suspicion that he shot and killed two men.

Source: B92

Their charred bodies were discovered in a burned-down car near the town of Jagodina on Monday.

B92 has unofficially learned that the suspect is 33-year-old Aleksandar K., based in Kraljevo, and that he was detained last night.

It is believed he shot and killed, and then set on fire the two victims and the car.

The motive for the double murder was reportedly a debt worth EUR 5,000.

B92 has also learned that the suspect previously served in Belgrade, but was transferred to Kraljevo. Unofficially, "his work was still under control, but internal processing gave no results."

The identity of the victims has not been revealed, but B92 learned they were in their mid and late 20s, one of them having "arrived to Jagodina from Switzerland."

Belgrade-based daily Blic is reporting that neither had previously had "any trouble with the law."


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