Ibarska murder trial before Supreme Court

The Ibarska route murder trial begins before the Serbian Supreme Court today.

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The trial of the murder of four Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) officials and the attempted murder of its leader Vuk Drašković on October 3, 1999, represents only the second time in its 161-year history, that the main hearing in a case will open before the Supreme Court.

SPO officials Veselin Bošković, Zvonko Osmajlić, Vučko Rakočević and Dragan Vušurović were killed in the staged accident and SPO president Drašković was injured.

In a ruling by the Belgrade District Court on February 16, 2007, former State Security officer Milorad Ulemek, a.k.a. Legija, was sentenced to 15 years in prison and former State Security chief Radomir Marković received eight years.

Members of the Special Operations Unit, JSO, Duško Maričić, Branko Berček, Nenad Bujošević and Leonid Milivojević were sentenced to 14 years in prison.

For aiding those found guilty after the murder, former director of the Federal Customs Administration Mihalj Kertes was sentenced to two years and five months in prison, and former chief of the Administration of the Traffic Police Dragiša Dinić was sentenced to one year and seven months.

Former chief of the Belgrade Traffic Police Vidan Mijailović received nine months of jail time.

Marković was freed of murder charges and sentenced to eight years for aiding and abetting.

Former chief of the Belgrade State Security Milan Radonjić and former Belgrade police chief Branko Đurić were found not guilty for aiding in the murders.

The Supreme Court, responding to appeals, abolished the last two convictions.


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