"South Stream was stopped by EU, not U.S." - U.S. official

The U.S. had no say in the decision on the South Stream gas pipeline, says U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Mary Warlick.

Source: Tanjug

For Serbia - whose only gas supply route runs through Ukraine - connecting to the Bulgarian pipeline is a priority, she also told the Belgrade daily Politika.

"The U.S. had no say whatsoever in the decision-making on the South Stream pipeline, and the decision to abandon the entire project came from the EU, which asked Bulgaria to stop construction works to align the project with the Third Energy Package and rules and regulations applicable in the EU," Warlick said.

Warlick, a former U.S. ambassador to Belgrade who is now in charge of the Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources, said Serbia should also consider using "liquefied natural gas from America and Australia."

The U.S. official was in Belgrade earlier this week where she met separately with PM Aleksandar Vucic and his first deputy and foreign minister, Ivica Dacic.

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