Vučić rejects accusations against him made by minister

First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has denied accusations against him made by Economy Minister Saša Radulović.

Source: Beta

Vučić told reporters during a news conference on Thursday that Radulović, who last week handed in his resignation, "had had good ideas when he suggested him for minister."

"But in the meantime he turned into a politician more concerned about his ratings, as opposed to Minister of Finance Lazar Krstić, with whose work I am satisfied," Vučić told journalists, the Beta news agency reported.

Radulović and Krstić both became cabinet members during the reshuffle last September, when Minister of Economy and Finance Mlađan Dinkić was removed and the ministry split in two.

Vučić also said that he did not agree with his own party's request for Radulović's "criminal actions from before he became minister" to be investigated, and added that he "only agreed that his responsibility for appointing Radulović as minister be investigated."

He also rejected Radulović's criticisms that there was no debate at government sessions because ministers were scared of him, adding that "he who does not attend government sessions cannot even know what happens there," and that Radulović "had not been three times to the sessions."

Vučić rejected Radulović's accusations that his office had influenced the unfreezing of bank accounts of "some companies."

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