Economy minister gives reasons for his resignation

Outgoing Minister of Economy Saša Radulović has said that "the office of the first deputy prime minister was and remains the main hindrance to all reforms".

Source: Tanjug

This was included in a text explaining Radulović's resignation, published on the website of the Ministry of Economy on Tuesday.

Radulović sent his resignation letter to the prime minister on January 24.

In the text published on the ministry's website today, he states that not a single part of the plan for economic reforms was carried out.

"The package of measures aimed at economic stabilization is totally misdirected. Neither the government as a collective body, nor the Ministry of Economy took part in its drafting. The Ministry of Finance and the deputy prime minister's office worked on it," Radulović said.

Noting that the 2014 budget is unsustainable, Radulović said that "without any written document, based solely on some third-hand oral information, we expect EUR 3 billion from the United Arab Emirates".

The deputy prime minister's office started demonstrating particularly strong opposition to the reforms in early December, when the Ministry of Economy put forward the bill on privatization and amendments to the Law on Bankruptcy Proceedings to the Serbian parliament, Radulović noted.

The failure to schedule an emergency session to debate the bills "practically stalled the reforms", Radulović concluded.

The informal meeting that was held on January 20 in the form of "a collegium of the Social and Economic Council", which is not recognized by the Law on the Social and Economic Council or its rules of procedure, signaled that the reforms will be abandoned and early parliamentary elections held, Radulović said.

"The farce of that meeting and orchestrated protests of trade unions were aimed at creating a delusion of widespread opposition to the reforms," Radulović noted.

Referring to the protests of trade unions against the announced amendments to the Labor Law, Radulović noted that it is more than clear that the orchestrated protests of trade unions staged by a small group of trade union and party activists cannot be the reason for not passing the law, but just an excuse for concealing the lack of political will.

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