ICJ's Kosovo UDI case advisory opinion

The International Court of Justice on Thursday, July 22, stated its advisory opinion in the case of the Kosovo Albanian unilateral declaration of independence.


In 2008, the UN General Assembly forwarded the case on the legality of the declaration under international law.

The full text of the ruling is attached below in a PDF file, along with separate and dissenting opinions, in nine other files.

Advisory opinion.pdf (240.66 KB)

Dissenting Bennouna.pdf (70.36 KB)

Dissenting Koroma.pdf (53.70 KB)

Dissenting Skotnikov.pdf (44.71 KB)

Separate Keith.pdf (45.83 KB)

Separate Sepulveda-Amor.pdf (52.01 KB)

Separate Trinidade.pdf (495.37 KB)

Separate Yusuf.pdf (88.29 KB)

Simma.pdf (31.19 KB)

Tomka.pdf (119.75 KB)

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