1. Valmir, Russia is buying assets all over the world, including Western Europe. But there are just a few countries, which she systematically protects and Serbia is one of them.

    Kosovo is a fake. UN will never recognize it!
    (Little Russia, 2 June 2009 10:55)
  2. If Russia will ever recognize Kosovo they will have recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in return.

    Yes, dirty politics. That's why we need international law.

    And international law says: Kosovo independence is illegal!

    Too bad for Albanians. But hey, rules apply to all or none!

    Russia should block Kosovo seat in UN forever. But they should also un-recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

    Again, rules apply to all or none.

    One more thing: as part of Serbia Kosovo would join EU. Now it will never enter EU as Spain and Greece will never recognize this illegal statelet.

    It is a sad affair!
    (Ron, 2 June 2009 01:49)
  3. I think Russia will recognize us in the future,they know the reality but they don't want to lost NISH Petroll.They are using your assets just to protect you like a mother,but they will recognize Kosovo of sure.
    (Valmir, 1 June 2009 22:21)
  4. @DimTuc
    Stop spreading your misinformation! If you refer to a politician, refer to his words, what you can't do, because Putin never said it and couldn't say it! All Russian officials from an ambassador to the president spelled out a "clear message" for you. Examine it and remember it!

    What irritates me in your propaganda techniques is its primitiveness.

    And one more message - Russia will always be on the Serbian side, Russia will keep S.Ossetia out of Georgia and Russia will expand economically westward - that is OUR foreign policy strategy, no matter what you guys think about it! Serbia is our ally, brother and a partner, whatever she does, it will always be right for us!
    (Little Russia, 1 June 2009 13:53)
  5. Two points.

    First, if “international law” were the issue for Russia, then it would not have recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, whose trajectories are extremely similar to that of Kosova. Note that virtually noone else in the world has recognized these two republics, including and especially those allied with Russia and Serbia over the Kosova issue, and including, most strongly, Serbia itself. In fact it is a huge embarrassment to the Serbian position. Frankly, Russia is laughing out loud at Belgrade in doing so. The fact that Russia has done this is a message to Belgrade: the “international law” stuff over Kosova is just a charade, which we will discard if we get what we want from the west on other issues.

    Second, regarding my last point above. Putin already spelled it out. Russia will not recognize Kosova UNLESS the US quits its crazy plans to place a “missile shield” on Russia’s borders in east Europe. Putin is right. If he did the same in Cuba on the US’s borders the US would scream blue murder. But the way he expressed the deal also reveals the levels of Russia’s opportunism.

    My guess is that part of the very strong Russian support fro Serbia, apart from this geopolitical dealing, is that Gazprom wanted NIS, and for a bargain price. Once it got it, Putin could begin letting down some of the charade.

    Incidentally, my first point above also applies to the recent discussion over the Islamic world and the OIC vote. The reticence of many to recognize YET, even while voting to “support Kosovo” in general, has less to do with opposition to independence, still less to do with sympathy for Serbia’s position, but a lot to do with the fact that the US has been, for its geopolitical reasons, the main block to a viable Palestinian state recognized by the world. There is little doubt that most of the OIC view a decent trade-off of a better US position on Palestine (more possible under Obama than under Bush) leading to a viable recognized state of Palestine in exchange for recognition of Kosova.
    (DimTuc, 1 June 2009 12:53)
  6. "Just as in 1939 Czechoslovakia was stripped of a part of her territory,..."
    a) The Russian Ambassador should have a look into the history books again - the Munich Agreement, which stripped Czechoslovakia of part of her territory, was signed in 1938.
    b) The analogy is wrong. While 1938 the Sudetenland area was annexed by Germany, in Kosovo we don't have the case of annexion to another state.
    (boyscout, 1 June 2009 10:21)
  7. Patriota

    An Albanian should not be saying that Russians are poor when you are the poorest country in Europe.
    (Peter Sudyka, 1 June 2009 08:54)
  8. @pss

    "This support" alone is what doesn't let Kosovo to be independent and will never let it be. Russian inaction 10 years ago was unforgivable and unforgettable, but you must remember that those times Russia was too weak to confront military the rest of the world, it couldn't even cope with its own region Chechnya. But now the situation has dramatically changed and everybody knows that.
    (Little Russia, 1 June 2009 08:27)
  9. Zoran: Why is Jeremic trying so hard to prevent recognitions than?
    (Oto, 31 May 2009 19:41)
    Our Southern citizens have already answered that by calling him "Mr Frequent Flyer". So he obviously likes to collect frequent flyer points and to see the world in first class.
    (Zoran, 31 May 2009 23:07)
  10. "In the past period there was a systematic policy to take Kosovo away from Serbia. Just as in 1939 Czechoslovakia was stripped of a part of her territory, so the same states that participated in that arrangement are taking part in the snatching of Serbia's territory," said Konuzin.

    Thank you Mr. Konuzin. Thank you for stating the truth, wich our won President Tadic should be saying, but you are saying it for him.
    This is no different than 1939, but this time the Germans have the gullible US on their side. This will hopefully change very soon.
    (Dragan, 31 May 2009 20:18)
  11. Serbia is relying on the same support that 10 years ago endorsed a resolution that stripped all Serbian control over Kosovo and placed it in the hands of the UN.
    The same support that endorsed a resolution that allows the UN to transfer that same control over to the democratically elected govt established in Kosovo.
    The same support that allows the Kosovo govt to deny Serbian officials to cross into Kosovo and be enforced by the international community.
    Not exactly the firm support, I would place any value in.
    (pss, 31 May 2009 19:49)
  12. Zoran: Why is Jeremic trying so hard to prevent recognitions than?
    (Oto, 31 May 2009 19:41)
  13. What's important here is that Russia supports Serbia and as a permanent member of the UNSC holds a veto to ensure Kosovo never becomes independent.

    It really is game over while any further recognitions are like scoring goals after the final whistle has blown. It doesn't change a thing.
    (Zoran, 31 May 2009 18:55)
  14. Russia? International law? LOL!
    (vermut, 31 May 2009 18:32)
  15. "This is because we respect principles of international law, and because Serbia is a close friend of Russia," Aleksandr Konuzin said.

    FORGET the FIRST OK to the second. We all know how much Russia cares about international law. We have seen it in Chechnya, South Ossetia, Abkahzia, Afganistan....Ask Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and more to come how much Russia loves international law.
    (EA, 31 May 2009 17:54)
  16. Russia. is a country that is not able to feed its own citizens, however, for some crazy reason it will help Serbia get back Kosovo??? Only a fool would not see the irony in this statement.
    (Patriota, 31 May 2009 16:19)
  17. Oh, really? Then why do your party leaders keep talking about albania annexing Kosovo? Why do you wave the albanian flag more often than that fake flag that was imposed by the west? Nobody is buying your propaganda.
    (JohnBoy, 31 May 2009 16:09)
  18. How is NIS doing Russia, $90 million loss? What a coincidence to remind Serbs of your "support" [link] right now
    (alban, 31 May 2009 15:23)
  19. That is great. International law, Osseatia,
    Checkia Hungary agression
    Florishing democracy.
    Florishing market.

    Serbia stay close to Russia and everything will be fine.
    but i doubt they will get Kosovo back for you
    (drini, 31 May 2009 15:07)
  20. 'Just as in 1939 Czechoslovakia was stripped of a part of her territory, so the same states that participated in that arrangement are taking part in the snatching of Serbia's territory,"'

    Bad analogy: Germany claimed the German-inhabited territories of Czechoslovakia and stripped them off, just as Serbia is using its presence in the north to justify its right to those areas, as a prelude to taking all, including the non-Serbian-inhabited part.

    Kosovo wasn't taken from Serbia by Albania as a step towards creating a gigantic 8-million strong Greater Albania.

    (Ok, B92, so you'll censor it - I just want to make sure somebody says it.)
    (Amer, 31 May 2009 14:43)
  21. when and how
    (kilus, 31 May 2009 14:37)