1. Hashim Thaci there are two main points that you have to put in your "empty" head. first the kosovo serbs will never accept KLA bandits to rule over them and second the event of february 17, 2008 is not the end of the status of kosovo as only "43" states had accepted this so called republic of kosovo.

    Your rule and occupation of Serbia's precious province will all end in september.
    (Gary T., 30 July 2008 22:28)
  2. I honestly don't think anyone is listening to Thaci, Sejdiu, or other Pristina elites, north of the Ibar anymore. Their authority in Mitrovica on up is about as real as Belgrade's authority in Pristina on down. So while Boganovic and Zannier talk about real issues facing K Serbs, Thaci and the rest can continue to vent their frustration that no one takes them seriously outside their own circles. It's also becoming apparent that the Serbs are willing to be more pragmatic and flexible, while hardline statements are increasing in Pristina.

    Take note, Mr. Thaci: forcing compliance and loyalty over an unwilling populace usually produces neither. As a so-called freedom fighter for your own people's struggle for a voice, you of all people should know that.
    (Mike, 30 July 2008 18:02)
  3. I know what “Minister without Portfolio” means and what he is supposed to do but could you please help me figure out what “Minister for Kosovo” means? Why not a Minister for Moon or Mars? Perhaps Black Holes Minister makes much more sense, it is much more exciting and it’s a lot more realistic than Minister for Kosovo AND it’s surely going to be less expensive for Serbian taxpayers! Think twice.
    (alfa, 30 July 2008 16:53)
  4. "I am afraid this will be an exercise in futility. Whatever Zannier and Bogdanovic agree, Thaci and Kuci will refuse."

    you could be wrong.
    given that there is the possibility that THIS is actually what they called substantial autonomy - this would speak for it.

    and if it were so, than taci and those others wouldn´t have to say a single word about it.

    at the moment that´s of course only speculation.

    but the mere fact that the serbian minister for the southern province and Zannier met to discuss things...

    is quite interesting, isn´t it? ;)
    (Jovan, 30 July 2008 15:41)
  5. I am afraid this will be an exercise in futility. Whatever Zannier and Bogdanovic agree, Thaci and Kuci will refuse. Serbs want UNMIK courts and customs, Thaci says there can only be one customs and court under his gov't. Difficult to ask either side to accept the other side is right. UN and Zannier are brave enough to undertake this new negotiations, but without getting both the Albanians and Serbs in one room, it will be difficult to prevent creating another federation in the Balkans. Like that wonderful entity Bosnia i Herzegovina, which is predicted by Paddy Ashdown (former OHR) to collapse soon. Kosovo will continue in a limbo for a while, unfortunately. EU will continue to mess up since they are clueless about managing conflicts. US is loosing interest. Status quo will continue for a while, until somebody as a brilliant idea.
    (Balkan Boy, 30 July 2008 14:30)