"SAA not blocked by Hague, chance for Serbia"

After the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between Serbian officials and those from the European Union last week, EU foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana's spokeswoman Cristina Gallach spoke for B92.

Guest: Cristina Gallach, Journalist: Ljubica Gojgić Source:
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  1. Excellent post Ataman. Congratulations.
    Western culture has become a Culture of Lies. Their lies to the Serbs are even considered as virtues by our EuroTrash, just observe the addoration with which they are solicited.
    Everybody knows that Serbia has no prayer of a chance of being accepted into the Austro-Hungarian Empire (a.k.a. the EU) for at least another half a century.
    The pole will be raised constantly to make it impossible for Serbia to jump over it.
    Whom are they kidding?
    These are the same people who have broken every promise to Serbia for the last ten years. They have broken every international law in order to get us subjugated to their will, and will continue to do that until Serbia becomes another 'Kosova'.
    Do we really want that?
    (Peter RV, 7 June 2008 15:19)
  2. Let me tear this one apart.

    Gallach: "This is a clear signal from the majority of the European Union members that we wish to see Serbia's future in Europe."

    Me: "So there is a minority in E.U. who does not wish to see Serbia's future in Europe? Who are they? Island of Sodor? Bergengócia?" Rubbish.

    Gallach: "At the same time it is important to underscore that we at the European Union fully cooperate with international institutions"
    Me: "Yes, sure, you do, esp. with UNSC and 1-2-4-4"

    Gallach: "and we have no doubt that the democratically elected leaders in Serbia, those who are pro-European, will continue cooperation with international institutions, the Hague Tribunal included."
    Me: "Let's make a deal. You cooperate with UNSC respecting 1244, Serbs cooperate with the Hague Tribunal and Hague Tribunal does not cooperate with criminals"

    Gallach: "The agreement has not been blocked..... so that all the measures will start being implemented when we have this full cooperation"
    Me: "Someone cannot be a little bit pregnant..."

    Gallach: "We believe that the offer was honest, for the whole Serbian people, and of course it is up to the Serbian leaders to decide what they'll do with it."
    Me/1: "Wait, wait, 1-2-4-4 + 'WHOLE' Serbian people = Kosovo je Srbija. Thank you"
    Me/2: (again): "that the offer was honest". Again, it's so nice to hear again and again: "that the offer was honest"


    BRUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, it's May 7, 2008 - too early for April 1, 2009 and too late for April 1, 2008.

    After this dissection, I am still saying: eat this carrot - and black-mail these idiots for more. They are really idiots, go, go Serbia!
    (Ataman, 7 May 2008 10:25)