1. (Ataman, 28 March 2020 08:26)

    Why would the US military help in Kosovo when the US government does not do that on mainland US?
    The virus has torn apart that façade of “concern and compassion” for anyone let alone the Albos.
    Camp Bondsteel is not there to help the Albos. It’s there for US interests and to hell with the Albos; for all the US cares the Albos, or anyone else for that matter, can all lie down and die.
    Fact not fiction.
    (sj, 2 April 2020 16:05)

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  2. Why no news about the status of Camp Bondsteel?

    In normal situation they would be on streets, patrolling and buying food for population to prevent people leaving homes.

    This is what army does in France. Are the soldiers in Camp Bondsteel trained only for video games and keyboard fight?

    Or the U.S. government is bunch of idiots?
    (Ataman, 28 March 2020 08:26)

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