1. Brexit illustrates the problems of getting too deeply integrated with the EU.

    Itís a spiderís web.

    Itís a honey trap.

    Itís also become clunky.

    Serbia should join as soon as possible ;-)
    (Bob, 10 November 2017 19:48)

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  2. 😂poor azir- got nothing left to stand on!
    Why you blaming Srbija all the time? Itís your ďfriendsĒ that are delivering you on a silver platter:) Srbija would be able to do squat if your ďfriendsĒ were really ďfriendsĒ!!!!!! You gotta come to terms with this... or you will go bonkers, if you arenít already! Take a breath and relax, killer😉
    (Watcher, 9 November 2017 19:12)

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  3. (Smart Serb, 9 November 2017 01:45)

    Is your username supposed to be ironic? The majority of the work to get into EU has to be done by Serbia. Most delays are by Serbia.
    Any circus has been caused by Serbia and you are the one of the leading clowns.
    (Dwight, 9 November 2017 11:55)

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  4. The EU is dangling membership as a carrot 🥕 on a stick if front of Donkey Serbia..

    Stubborn serbs can continue to pull the cart hope it will join but a donkey brain is a DONKEY brain!

    Serbs can never join until they :

    Apologize publicly!

    Recognize Independent Kosova!

    Pay 💰 War Restitution and financial compensation to the victims of Greater Serbia Campaign of Terror!

    This is the only way Serbia can contribute to ending its role of being the source of instability and conflict in the Balkans.
    Peace and prosperity with arrive once Serbs are rehabilitated of their EVIL ,if even that is possible.
    (Azir, 9 November 2017 11:47)

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  5. They said Serbia in EU by 2015
    Then by 2018
    Then by 2022
    Now saying Serbia in EU by 2025

    What a circus from the EU
    (Smart Serb, 9 November 2017 01:45)

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  6. How does it feel to live in the country that you hate ? Miserable ha?
    (Yak, 8 November 2017 20:20)


    (rote kapelle, 8 November 2017 20:49)

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  7. Trizo

    Seems that afterr VVucic has been reelected Russia and Serbia are playing the same game. Only our roles are different cause the situation in the world was fast changing last year. Serbia must understand that we are a global player and Russia must be very sensitive for the problems Serbia is facing each day. Besides Serbia is less invincible against Otpor kinda traitors and other outside pressure. But in general things run good enough when your neighbors are demoralized of the stakes they had made last decades. But we don't care as СОБАКИ ЛАЮТ, А КАРАВАН ИДЕТ.

    (rote kapelle, 8 November 2017 20:27)

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  8. Zoran, 8 November 2017 18:47)

    How does it feel to live in the country that you hate ? Miserable ha?
    (Yak, 8 November 2017 20:20)

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  9. "but I want the European perspective to be seen not as an invitation but as a continuous need in this part of Europe"

    How I love this guy.
    (piecemaker, 8 November 2017 19:42)

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  10. Juncker youíre an old, old man with one leg in the grave. Go back home and tend to youíre chickenís they havenít been fed for a wail.
    (Go away, 8 November 2017 18:53)

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  11. Hahahahahahahaha

    Amazing. I remember when we were told it would be around 2015.

    Croatia are in. Does this not say anything?

    The EU is done for. Yes we are in Europe but we are much more closely related to Russians. Russia is getting stronger and stronger, defying their sanctions and frightening the daylights out of EU and US.

    If Russia lobbied for Serbia ie paying off politicians like the eu are doing.. we will can the EU in no time.
    (Trizo, 8 November 2017 18:50)

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  12. I wonder if the EU will still be around by then. The German army seems to be making preparations for the EU's breakup. Check -> [link]
    (Zoran, 8 November 2017 18:47)

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