Suspected mass grave site investigated in Kosovo

The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution and the prosecution of the EU mission in Kosovo, are checking information about a possible mass grave in Kosovo.

Source: B92

It is feared that the site in the village of Piskota near the town of Đakovica contains the remains of Serb civilians.

The Serbian prosecution said on Monday they worked with EULEX and obtained information about the location of a potential mass grave in Piskota.

The victims are believed to have been killed during the war in Kosovo in 1998 and 1999.

The statement also said that the prosecution had learned that the possible remains in this site could be of those victims killed in the prison camp Likovac, run by the ethnic Albanian KLA.

The EULEX prosecution ordered exhumation, autopsies, and identification of possible remains found in the defined location, the Serbian prosecution said.


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