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Gruhonjić on ProGlas: A pebble in the mosaic of social mobilization VIDEO

According to Dinko Gruhonjić, a professor at the University of Novi Sad, it is always important when intellectuals and public figures spoke up, as there has been silence here for too long, especially from intellectual circles.

Izvor: Novosti

Gruhonjić on ProGlas: A pebble in the mosaic of social mobilization VIDEO


"Intellectuals, namely, are too often very perishable goods. This kind of address to the public is also very important because of breaking the existential fear of 'ordinary' citizens, which is very present and which this mafia and war criminal government produces and feeds on, because it, as and in the nineties of the last century, maintains," Gruhonjić said, reports "Novosti".

However, as he added, as reported by this media, what is missing in ProGlas is the fact that it talks about the consequences and almost nothing about the causes.

"Just as in the cases of the two massacres at the beginning of May last year, there was a lack of social dialogue on the subject, as well as in the protests themselves, to point the finger at all the perniciousness of Serbia's militant chauvinist policy towards its neighbors, which has been an unchanging constant for 35 years. Serbia is the country with the most war criminals, those convicted and many more unconvicted, per capita," he said.

It is, unfortunately, a reflection of intellectual cowardice, he believes.

"But the first prerequisite for a social discussion to be started on this is that Vučić's malignant regime must be overthrown. In this sense, the Proclamation is an important pebble in the mosaic of mobilizing society against the kidnappers of our lives," he concluded.

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